Just get your backup, when it knocks you down
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Hola Fellas! Im currently taking my vacant day and as always, Im stuck in our house again. Well, Im not in the mood to go out and its raining hard right now. Im currently listening to BOF OST 2 and I wanna watch the series again but I guess it will probably take a whole week for me to finish it. HAHAHA!

Hmmm, 3rd week of classes will be over on Saturday. I just cant simply believe it. And life's hitting a good point of satisfaction now. I thought I m goin to get sick and eff up everything. But na-ah, SOMEONE UP THERE, save something good for me. Thank you :) I gained a lot of friends and they are all superb. They are fun-to-be-with. They are all awesome. And I swear, I will not be random anymore =)) But I still miss my hs friends although I am not shutting them off. As I go on my college life with these people, I am starting to learn and discover something from my classmates. First impression never lasts. I just fall apart and barely breathing now. Well, thats what I'm about in school. Study and explore :)

Btw, I found cool BOF quotes again. Kudos to!
“Just because you’re gone doesn’t mean chaos will erupt in South Korea”-Goo Jun Pyo

Episode 2:
“The moment I see your face, it feels like bugs are crawling all over my body” – Jandi

Episode 4:
“Since I was with you for one whole night, tell them that I’d take responsibility of you.” – Junpyo

Episode 5:
“How can a tiny and skinny person have such a loud voice? Did you eat a train’s heart?” – Jun Pyo

Episode 7:
“The type of guy I hate the most?” – Junhee
“A disgraceful guy, A stingy guy, A guy that can’t let go of the past.” – Junpyo
“A guy that brags about himself? – Junhee
“A disgraceful guy.” – Junpyo
“A guy that never forgives his friends? – Junhee
“A stingy guy.” – Junpyo
“A guy that can’t accept his defeat? – Junhee
“A guy that can’t let go of the past.” – Junpyo
“Okay, then.” – Junhee
“If you were the friend who remembered that we watched this 11 times, then it wouldn’t have gone this far.” – Junpyo

Episode 8:
“Just once…tell me that you like me. Then all of this will be over.” – Jun Pyo

“If everything can be settled by the word sorry, why would then law and police exist?” – Ji-Hoo

Episode 9:
Goo Jun Pyo: “What are you, the little match girl? why are you without your gloves?”Jandi: “I have gloves!”

“There’s no such thing as Jun Pyo’s world or Jandi’s world. Just like you and I are of the same world.” -Ji Hoo

“I liked him better when he was messing up proverbs.” – Yijung

“I’m so busy that I don’t even rememeber that you didn’t call me for 3 days and13 hours!” -Goo Jun Pyo
“You.. you get touched by such trivial things!” – Goo Jun Pyo

Episode 11:
“Does she have an ancestor who died on a date?” – Jun Pyo

Episode 12:
“What’s this?” – Jandi
“Can’t you tell? It’s a necklace.” – Junpyo
“Hey, this won’t do. I know you have weird taste, but this is a girl’s!” – Jandi
“You dummy. It’s yours.” – Junpyo
“What?” – Jandi
“I said it’s yours. There’s only one in the world, so if you lose this one, I’ll really kill you.” – Junpyo

“You do this every time. Whenever I try to get closer, you trample my heart like it’s nothing. Do I still mean so little to you?” – Jun Pyo
“I came to find your heart. I didn’t lose it on purpose.” – Jandi

Jandi : “It’s strange.
“Ji-hoo : “What’s strange?”
Jandi : “Whenever the emergency bell rings in my heart, you always appear. “
Ji-hoo : “Then let me be.”
Jandi : “What?”
Ji-hoo : “Let me be Geum Jan Di’s honourable firefighter.”

Episode 20
“Just let me stay like this for five minutes…then I’ll get up” – Junpyo

Need to go! Toodles ;)

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