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Saturday, July 18, 2009 • 7:20 PM • 0 comments

Today is Sunday and Im so lovin this day. Its rest time and I always love this day but I bet my blog would probably tell you that today is Saturday haha. I think Im really out for almost a week now. Ahhh, well, there could be few reasons. Im drowning with examinations right now and Im really taking all of them seriously. The results were okay (hmmm average as in average haha). And because I've been working too damn hard, Im gonna give a break for myself. Im sooo happy that I still keep on blogging eventhough I'm too busy haha. Im doing this for the sake of friendship (cause my friends got some of my everyday hell here nyahaha) =)))))))))

Monday: July 13, 2009
Mkay, I updated my blog this day. So I took two accounting exams and my first result is okay. I got 83 slash 2.25. If we will follow the dos policy, I am failed. Well, I am trying my hardest but I know that I didnt study too hard that's why I dont even cling on the passing score. And my History teacher is absent so we didnt have exams. History is hell-er than Accounting. The dates, the names and everything are all jumbled in my mind right now :))

Tuesday: July 14, 2009
I dont have class. Its my freeday. I stayed home and used the internet for my randomness. I worked on my English assignment (the paragraphs are freakin hard). I watched different thinggos on the television and I got kilig with the show "Maria de Jesus." Uhmm yeah, and I watched cartoons (this is whatever haha!). And as usual Love or Bread and Boys Over Flowers. I even forgot that we will have a quiz in Filipino. I told myself that I will study at 10 pm but I ended up bumping Tayong Dalawa in television :D

Wednesday: July 15, 2009
One of my hell days. I went to PUP at 7 am intentionally so that I can study for my Filipino (Filipino is hell-est among them all) That is so shit. I am too lame to go to my English class but I still did. I waited for Bernadette but we ended up misleading each other haha. English class is getting okay and my prof is cool :) Filipino is okay. The result of my exam is 19/20 so Im freakin proud hahaha. Then we went on reporting and it starved me to death. Abby, Hyacinth and I were all praying for a miracle so that our class will eventually end an hour before but not :P After class, Bernadette and I went to Farmers to buy a Socio book but its already out of stock. So we decided to go to SM Manila but we ate at Mcdo first then we talked about random "mumu" stories. Then we went to SM and luckily they still have 2 more stocks. When we were about to go to Central Terminal, we passed by the cellphone stickers so we had our phones already masked. This day is sooo superb! :)

"Vanity is a mortal sin"-angeline
"Sakit ng magaganda yun"-gladys

Thursday: July 16, 2009
Alright Thursday. What can I say about my Thursday experiences? They are all crap. Hell day again with Accounting and Bragas' Curse. I arrived late at our 11 o'clock kasunduan with Kate, Cris, Andi, and Det. I was stuck at the traffic and the rain is freakin hard and Im really soaked. And what the hell is happening? I texted Kate to go downstarirs but she didnt come so I went upstairs but I bumped on her at the 3rd floor. We went together in cashier, we saw Sheldon and I asked him to brought my file case upstairs. Then we went to cashier. But we were advised to just simply go for an assistance for our PE Uniform next week. Oookkkay, so when we arrived at the 5th floor, my classmates were busy for their accounting book but not me (evil laugh. kiddin! haha). Det borrowed my book but I cant find it in my file case. I felt so unease. I thought I have left it in our house. But Sheldon told me to ask about that thing to my classmate. I was like blank. Why is that she had my book? She didnt even bother to ask that thing from me. I dont wanna lock her up so I patiently asked for my book then. My thoughts are pretty obvious but its quite confusing so I just shut my freaking mouth before things get worse. And Bragas, omygod! He changed our sched from 3:00-6:oo pm to 4:30-7:30 pm. Its so fggfgbfkfkfahn! Wtf? I hate Thursdays. Really. But I got 86 slash 2.0 in my 2nd exam in Accounting. Im so happy for that. Atleast may improvement.

Friday: July 17, 2009
This day is sooooo daya! Its my free day but the classes were suspended because of the rain. Things happen for a reason. And that leads me to the question: WHY? Hmmm, well, this day is my very first inaanak's birthday. Andrei is now 5 years old. I cant believe it. Time flies so fast. He sent some food to our house :)) Happy birthday Andoy! =)) And please pray for my uncle, Papa Eddie. He's suffering from diabetes and his getting weak na. :( Oh bittersweet day.

our "one and only" photo :)

HAHA! Sorry for being "yuck" :))

Saturday: July 18, 2009
Socio and Literature day. I thought Saturday is a very "laid back" day =)))))))) But our Sociology prof is mean. I dont like her for embarassing us in front of the whole class in our Socio reporting. Siya naman nagsabi na kopyahin lahat tapos she wants outline lang pala. Uggghh, she's eff. And one of our groupmates is sooooo kapal and very plastic. Badiiing! Kakainis siya. He dont want to help us. Why is he like that? Well atleast after socio, Literature is already out in my list. We were only half day because of suspension of classes so I decided to go to my dentist. And I love the tantalizing blue elastics of my braces now :)

can you still see the stitches? \m/ =)))))

Sunday: July 19, 2009
Rest day! Im having some relaxing afternoon today. Im giving myself a treat. Its Hair Spa time. Uh huh! Im not planning for something now cause I will not be that so busy next week. I will watch Tora Dora later. And oh, tomorrow will be the start of our College Week. Drop by our college if you want :)

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