Nobody, Nobody but YOU!
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Its been a week. Sorry my dearest blog if you feel neglected throughout the time :)) College week is so cool. I went to school for 2 days and other stuffs are for my history kablamness. No classes for tomorrow because of SONA 2009 and Tuesday will be my free time. So basically Im expecting Wednesday to be a very big bang. I know long vacation will make way for major disasters. That's a new crisp. Well, Im starting to have fun (behind the ideas of midterm,quizzes and random blahs) And good news fellas! My Alter Ego is coming to town again. Geee, Im expecting her homecoming after freshmen year but well she will be here to support me all the way :)

Ooookkkay, lets go on to my artsy fartsy life. College week is over and it all went good. Its my first time to experience a certain kind of thing with my college buddies. The Movie Imitations are superb! Everyone's reaction is really priceless. I had a lot of fun, free time and videos! HAHAHA! College week makes way for Wonder Pets Videos. I posted some on my FB and multiply. I'm gonna post some here too if I still have time :)

Balloon Show :)

I would like you to meet my College Buddies :)

College Week! Thanks Marj for the photos :D

After College Week, we had our documentation in History. Its not yet finish so Im expecting big blows for the other places. I really had fun except the "kj-ness" of HER. Ugggh, I dont hate her, its just Im irritated for bringing up the chaos in my very fun experience.

Last Tuesday we went to AFP Museum (in my place nyahaha), Money Museum and Museong Pambata. Eventhough Im having a lot of time here in Metro, it never cross my mind to visit those places cause I think Museums are boring but naaattt! HAHA!

Airplanes fascinate me so much. The old ones are great. And actually we raid everything. Im having the BOF Feeling when I went inside the planes =)) We took a lot fo pictures and mind you, vain pictures and childish acts. Sorry, sorry. I've been so excited for a vacation getaway. And btw, I already posted our Scandalosa Awesomeness video in FB and Multiply. I hope you can check it out. But I might post it here some other time. The video is a dance presentation of Nobody by Wonder Girls PETS! =)) Actually, we have 2 videos of it. One in Villamor and the other one in Cavite. Addict much? :))

Almost Paradise taeyangboda deo ttaseuhan =))

Helicopter Madness!

BSA I-11D's Gorgeous Babies :))

Next stop is Museong Pambata. Oh Oh Oh my child's heart is beating again. I super love it eventhough we only had it for less than an hour because we arrive late. I had so much fun with Kate, Det and Nicole. Pambata talaga. We were so madddd! :)) Sana ganito na lang ako kasaya habang buhay. Well, while travelling home I passed by the F.B Harrison. My ever dearest alma mater dear, I wanna see yah. I reminisce my Westian Years again :( I miss it quite terribly. Awwww... Then Kate went to MRT while I went to Metropoint to check some newsprint. Umuwi ako ng luhaan (nyahaha). While walking the MRT slash LRT aisle, I saw Meg. We waved at each other na lang because of the people covering our faces. Mkay *blank*

Oh I'm so easy to please :">:">:">

I wanna be a firewoman, gonna put out your desire!

Magbilang ng mga unggoy sa Monkey Bar :))

And last Saturday we went to Cavite and Quiapo. I am happy/dying/irritated/pissed/tired uggghhh just pour down all the emotions. I just cant get enough :) We went to Kawit, Cavite for the Aguinaldo Shrine. Its my first time goin to Cavite cause I simply dont go there. Judith, Kaiku (and his guy), Nicole and I waited for years in the LRT Station for our fellas. Ugghh, I hate waiting. Unknown waiting. Then we went to Baclaran to catch up a mini bus goin to Cavite. I had so much kewl moments in the bus. The air and the heat feels like summer. And Kate, Det and I gave the bus a "KTV Breeze." =)))))) We sang the songs of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas at ang pinakamalala Boys Over Flowers OST hahahahaha! Then I climbed a tree and I slide back to the ground. Can you imagine? I had my wounded elbow but the experience is worth it. And I played tag and it with the "itik." May videos din yan but I only had the tree and Kate had the itik. Im gonna share it soon as Im not busy. So probably sembreak =))

HAHAHA! Parang Webcam daw :))

I love the "itik". So cute :">

Up, Up and Away!

This photo is so nice. Right? :D

And lastly we went to Quiapo. I'm really dying in the bus. The air freshener is so shit. Tiniis ko yun hanggang Lawton. Then we went to Nakpil House. I never thought that I can find it in the heart of Quiapo. Yung bahay lang na yun ang kakaiba. The rest are the results of modernization. Im quite pissed here and few people knew why. After checking Nakpil House, I went home with Judith and Nicole and we talk about realities- Accountancy. Well then, that's all. That's what Im up to. So I hope that is not a lame excuse for me to neglect my blog haha :)

Smiling but not breathing. Uggghh :(

Jenson and Sejay, thank you! Photographers of the day :))

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