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Saturday, August 1, 2009 • 7:06 AM • 0 comments

Hola fellas! Its already 11 in the evening but I'm not yet sleepy eventhough Im so tired because of my early morning class this day. Im just here typing my rants, uploading my photos in facebook and updating my multiply. This is my only free time now. This whole night only. Im on my nocturnal mode again. Maybe, I am hoping that I can accomplish something this night (eventhough I know that I wont haha!) Currently Im tuning myself into some sweet music that I have in our desktop. I feel so random and I dont feel any love nyahaha. As you can see I dont wanna talk about my studies right now. And I insist not to mention it :)

I'm so inlove with the BOF's Love Story that I even forgot that I have mine. I ditch him two months ago but he still lingers in my life. Not totally ditch pero parang nakalimutan ko siya nung napanuod ko yung BOF. May baaaadd ! Ganon ba talaga ang effect ng 4 years of stupidity? I wonder. The drama might kill me now but its worth it. Pagbigyan niyo naman akong maging tao minsan. I dont know how to tell you all what I have in my mind right now. So lets have it on Faye and Mine's favorite, "Lyrics Method." Mkay, whatever :))


"You ran around inside my head.

When you passed out, I felt dead.
And I realized, you make me live."

-Real Life Fairytale by Plumb

>>>So I'm already dead. Two months dead. Im starting to miss the old feeling eventhough I look so naive. Yay! why is that I suddenly miss you? I dont know if I hate the feeling or I just hate myself. This is sooo lame. We dont have any communication now so how come that your still alive inside this stupid heart? I just want simple pleasures but why the hell I'm suffering this much? There are times when I just want to kick myself for the irony of different things. Well, sue me. I cant do something about it. Feel the pain until it hurts no more.

"Tell me if this is a bad thing to do
Do you live every single day painfully like me?
Are we too late? Are we going to end up like this?
Please hold me. I still think about you and you
might not know it. So please hold me..."

-What Should I do by Jisun

>>>Its so sad to see someone you love from afar and be too late to capture their heart. I dont know if I had my tears welling up right now. Make your loveones happy- that's the purpose of love. Sacrificing- that's the result of your love. Pain- that's the result of letting go. Regrets- result of your stupidity. It just seems like they were meant to be. They were all hitting my heart.

"Intoxicated in an arm of happiness
Just in case this love will become a dream
or everyhing will disappear,
I'll tightly hold your hand next to me
Even if you're by my side, I still miss you"

-Yearning of the Heart by A'ST1

>>>Hello illusions! You're only giving me souvenirs that I will throw away in the future. I know what you mean. From the very start, I know that I will go through thousands of people just to reach you but it seems like I already give up the battle. I dont know how to start again. Why oh why? I keep on asking questions. What the heck? Its still the same. For the heart that I once had, should I ask for more sufferings?

"Into the night,
I will pray that you're alright.
Though I shout and curse you out
I always have love for you..."
-Because Im a Girl by Kiss

>>>I cant hate you. I find it so unfair when I have the feeling that you cant even remember anything. That is sooo bad of you. Am I too close enough for memory loss? How can I love you and forget about being burned. And now Im starting to build a wall to never get torn again. I promise not to fooled again; to give my all when nothing's true. But still I didnt have a clue and its hell. Ugghhh :-/ L-)

"Oh the truth hurts, a lie is worse
How can I give anymore?
When I love you a little less than before?
Its the last chance to feel again"
-Broken Strings by James Morrison and Nelly Furtado

>>>Pain and randomness is what I feel. Holding on is too much. Forgiving is not enough to make it all okay. We both know its too late, its too late. I dont want to look back. Even though its the last time that I'll feel you again. I cant bear it all. Its weighing on my shoulders and I cant even convince myself that this pain came from love. I can't tell you something that I aint real.

"I try to comfort myself with the lie
that I'm happy if you just smile
because the place you're going towards is not me
the lonely tears flow."

-The heart Seemed to do it Somehow by A&T

>>>I am happy to see you having fun with your freedom but there's still a part of me that keep on saying that I should be with you cause we promised it, right? =)) Pathetic little girl talking about love. I dont want to talk about it cause I dont know love since you went away. This is probably destiny. Do you know this heart of mine?

"You fooled me with your lies hundreds of times
From today on, I’ll be a bad girl who makes guys cry
Now without a single tear,
I’ll laugh at you, Loser who’s inside a game called love
Get on your knees and take me back
If not, get out of my sight right now"

- I Dont Care by 2ne1

>>> Mr. Count-my-ex-till-you-drop? Maniac? Player? Put the "L" shape figure on your forehead dear. This is for the morons who ruined beautiful relationships. Go for your wolf-like friends for your treatment. Fuck your prize bitch. You're too much. More like a garbage for treating girls so bad. Omy! Im so lovin this song. Bagay na bagay sa mga manlolokong guys. Boys are whatever. They are trash. But I do accept exemptions haha (ofcourse the nice ones are included) From now on I dont really care. I will get out of the way. Dont cling on me cause I will seriously kick you out.

Cheezy ba? HAHAHA! I'm so motivated this day to have this blog post. And the sad reality is that I dont know why. Maybe because he's haunting me. More like a ghost. But its whatever! I dont care e e e e e e e!

Goodnight people :):):)

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