Oh My Love For You... One More Time!
Saturday, August 8, 2009 • 7:57 PM • 0 comments

" I know I see you again Im sure; no its not selfish to ask for more...."

Oh our reunion slash arby's bday celebration got cancelled! Arby told me the details in facebook yesterday and I felt so bad about it. I havent seen my dear siblings for almost 4 months now. And I already plan to challenge my mom by sneaking out for a birthday party. She wont let me go for sure haha. Well, I know that Arby felt bad about it too haha. And I know we are all missing each other. I know we will see each other soon especially now that Arby announces a special treat for the selected ones! =)) What the heck? Arby cant resist everyone. Kiddin! :P Alright, I know we are all busy brightening our future. So see yah soon fellas.

Midterms will start next week. This is my very first midterms ever. I dont have any clue what will happen next week after experiencing some butterflies in my stomach. I hope this wont call for depression. And maybe tomorrow my prof in Accounting will let us know our results in our last quiz. Oh I forgot to tell you that. That's the hardest among the quizzes that I have taken so far. Its really a pain in the ass. Im having a thought not to check or even glimpse at the result. I've been working so damn hard but its not paying enough. Why? Oh Papa God, please help me. I need to pass everything for heaven's sake. My parents will kill me if I cant have it all in just one blow :(

After midterms, I will do something interesting if I'm lucky. My mother wants to visit my Papa Eddie now-with us! But I cant go cause Im too busy to handle everything now. Maybe next week. Then Kate, Det, Andi and I are planning for the dvd marathon of twilight after midterms :)) Then we have a lot of movies to watch- My Sister's Keeper (I'm dying to watch this one), UP (the disney movie) and New Moon (excited! I think Im going to watch it with kate,det and andi. Then with bhebhe ailene. Or with someone else that has a same sched with me). I hope everything will work out :)

Then yesterday I browsed Abebe's blog and it contained the hottest issues about "kambing/kambeng" Uggghh, whatever! Abby is right, actually almost all of us are right. He's a pervert, pusher/user, smoker and whatever blahs on your mind right now :)) I hate to be mean and I know that judging someone is bad but its weighing on my mind and it keeps on saying that its true. "Live Your Life to the Max" (his one and only quote!) Well, its okay to live your life to the max as long as your not hurting anyone because of your decisions and intentions. He's a moron. Duh!

So I think I'll be out for a week or so. Please be patient about me. I never know that I wouldnt be normal again. I hope I can have good grades this semester. Please help me God.

I miss you Einstein! My dear siblings, lets plan for something whack on sembreak. Im dying to see everyone. And also to my soul sister, MILROSE JESUITA CRUZ, anak ng kamote! Asan ka na? Alam ko busy ka but Im always here for you. PM me in ym if ever you see this. Okay? :)

I'm always here guys. Hit me up in ym, phone, fb, multiply or friendster will do :)) I miss you and I love you. See you soon great people :)

And before I forgot let me greet my fellas who's celebrating their awesomeness this August.

Arby (August10) - Happy Birthday Tating Babes! Sweet Sixteen ka na. I love you :)
Clai (Augut 21)- Happy Birthday Claudia! Be strong. Aja! :)
Eug (Augut 27)- Eugenio! Happy Birthday! Ilang taon na nga ba si Mary Grace Eugenio? hahaha. Miss yah Eug :)
Igi (August 30)- Luigi Bacarro! My employee! Sa wakas birthday mo na. Happy birthday. Tanggal ka na sa kompanya ko dahil lagi kang absent haha. TC ;)

Taken before the Grad Practice

Speech Choir! Pinakanakakahiyang Moment namin :))

I love this one! With Maam Loida. I miss her :(

With Eug! Honey loves my eyes here =))

Ches, Bhe Ailene and Me. Im in the mood to share a lot of photos now :))

"when were through building memories, I'll hold yesterday in my heart, in my heart..."

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