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Thursday, August 20, 2009 • 7:26 PM • 2 comments

Hola! Midterms is over. The exams are okay. I think my brain cells are already busted for having everything in just one blow. Imagining that I studied half part of my books for midterms is really a crap! My profs really think that I have a photographic memory for their lessons.

a) Midterms in History
is shit! I studied almost everything. The terms, the date, the people and even the pag-aalsa but it just so happened na hindi yun yung lumabas. Wtf? Wala sa libro yung mga sagot. Where the fuck is Mt. Hibok Hibok? Anu yung doktrina para sa teritoryo ng Pilipinas? Ano ang tawag ng mga Esapnyol sa mga Intsik? Wala yun sa libro!!! But because I love my professor so much (seriously!) I tried my best to answer it.

After History Class, I went to Arby's House. Its really a rush. Akala ko hindi na tuloy. According to the plan, we will just greet her. But we ended up having fun and going home at 10 pm. Please dont tell anyone or else I will kill you :))

b) Midterms in Filipino
is hell! We were informed that we will only have a quiz but what we've got is a long quiz and "pop" midterms. Crap! Our Prof gave us 45 minutes to study the half part of the book. Uggghh, my brain cells are in a hurry. Low Virtual memory attacked me again. I really try to answer it. The other words are shit. Well, the results is okay. I got 136/160. Its good for a filipino subject hater like me haha. And I already got my grade as of the dated midterm, its 1.75! Yipee! I thought I will 3 or 5 =))

c) Midterms in English
is shoot-to-kill in Gladys' Dictionary. The test is composed of paragraphs as in lahat. Pakshet! Natuyo utak ko. Andi, Det and I keep on asking words. Back to my kablam days. I almost missed an entire part of the exam, well not entirely, but you know what I mean. It was really difficult, not that it's not old news. Its hard to think and think and think after realizing that after this subject there will be another nightmare. LOL :))

d) Quizzes in Management and Sociology
are all kagaguhan! In management, its open notes but whenever I see chaka churvaloo, I become so piss. Tinetest lang daw niya ang capability namin. Kailangan daw nakakaintindi kami. Epal! But in infairness I got 1.5 in his quiz :) In sociology, here comes the female version of Chaka Churvaloo. Malupit magpatest, di naman nagtuturo. Reading class kami lagi. To sum it up, these two subjects are trash =)))))))

e) Departmental in Accounting
will be on this coming Sunday! This is the highlight of the week. I've got some reviewers here. I hope I can make it up to Dos Policy. Accountancy is my course but I seriously hate it. Accounting is testing my everything especially my patience and determination to succeed without being delayed :( Im getting grades below 3.0 in my quizzes and its not fun and its embarassing. I will make bawi in Departmental but how? Eh quiz pa lang halos mamatay na ko big time test pa kaya. Im working hard naman and Im giving all my best why is that its not paying enough? I know Im slacking off sometimes. (hindi maiiwasan yun. right?) An Accounting student should be intelligent and diligent. Eh panu yan diligent lang ako. Its so hard to keep with the demands. I feel so degraded whenever I cant answer all the questions being thrown at me. I think I am not competent enough :( Papa God please help me to pass all of this, Please! :D

Well, I am so happy that a lot of people are being so supportive now. My parents recognized the little things that I do for my studies. My friends and cousins are always on the run to support and help me. And ofcourse Papa God is always there, giving love and reasons for me to smile everyday :)

I will pass my MAJORS! Promise I will. And I hope I can. So help me GOD! =)

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