I love you forever but forever is over :)
Saturday, October 17, 2009 • 7:35 PM • 0 comments

First Semester is over! Yiha! :)) Well, today is my last day in university and I bet this is not so good start. Accountancy is really a crazy course but I hope I could pass. I'm afraid that I cant pass my dos policy but well, I'm gonna make bawi soon! :)

Oh well, I am so depress a while ago when I learn about the scannable machine. Veronica and I went to Mrs. Sarmiento so that our papers can be recheck but they disagree. How come? :( My friends try to calm me and in that way I feel so special. Thanks friends :)

I really want to unwind and have a very good vacation since last summer I only spent my vacation time with our PC and watched BOF online haha. But right now, I am planning to watch DVDs. I already have a line up of koreanovela (movie and series) and the taiwanese ones. I still feel good about it.

And I still have a lot of plans for my long vacation. Well, here are my plans :)

1) Lose weight!!!
-this is a very nice idea, right? :)) People in our house call me "fatty," "piggy" and "tabachoy." I hate those eewie words :))

2) Read books
-I still have piles of them here. Other are half read haha

3) Watch DVDs
-Yeah, I really want. Since, I cant do it on school days, I should indulge myself with it.

4) And may more =))

Btw, I wanna greet Samuel Lawrence Lopez Concepcion, a very very happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Sam :)

Last Day of Semester! :)

Happy Birthday Sam! :)

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