Put a Heart on your Faves! :)
Monday, October 26, 2009 • 3:35 AM • 0 comments

Holaaaa Semester Break! One more week to go before second semester. I'm not yet bored in the house. Im browsing everything in the net and I am really wishing that I am already on my legal age to vote :( I wanna vote na. Go Chiz Escuderro!!! :)

Well, I wanna share some cool music videos/simply videos that I found on youtube. Some are new and some are oldies but goodies. Thank you so much to myself for letting me become a socially retarded person haha. I think I will go to the mall on Halloween. Dont have any idea about it. I am lame and super random right now =))

Put a heart on your faves!

1) Bangon by Rico Blanco

Pilipinas kong mahal
Akay ang pananampalataya sa may kapal
Buhay sa yong dugo
Ang tibay na tatak ng tunay na Pilipino

2) I Can Wait Forever by Simple Plan (Lamb's OST)

I know it feels like "forever"
I guess that's just the price I gotta pay
But when I come back home to feel your touch makes it better
Until that day there's nothing else that I can do
And I just can't take it
*This is not the official music video. When I watched Myx and MTV, the music video is anime but due to copyright it was deleted in youtube. Well, the song itself is nice :)

3) New Moon Official Trailer

I cant help myself! Sobrang excited na ko =))

4) My Girl Insurance Commercial

Sobrang nice ng commercial na to. Nakakaiyak sobra :(

5) Extraordinary Pantene Commercial

Thai Pantene television commercial. Its simply brilliant. The story of a deaf and mute girl who learns to play the violin against all odds. One of the most touching advertisements Ive seen in a long, long time.

6) The Original Takfan dance seen in PBB's Last week "Weekly Task"

HAHAHAHA! Super tawa ako dito. Sobrang cool ng mga nasayaw. Biruin mo, naisip nila yun :))

Enjoy! :)

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