Christmas is coming to town :)
Wednesday, December 23, 2009 • 6:08 PM • 0 comments

I am so excited because I am going to spend Christmas in Pangasinan. Hooray! At last, after 1 1/2 years I can now visit my beloved clan. I hope I can have an awesome one. I will post the pictures soon.

For you, What is Christmas?

"To me Christmas means a day with laughter fun and not having to worry about problems and about remember Jesus Christ!!!....Elaine, (16) Florida

"Christmas is a time to feel a spirit of joy and peace. It is a time to connect and feel especially close and thankful for family. It is a cozy time."....Vickie, Indiana

"Christmas means to me when your friends and/or family gather around and celebrate the lords name. It means to thank the lord for everything he's done, to keep us on our feet. It celebrates when he died for us and came back alive, he died for our savior when we were supposed to be punished. I THANK HIM."...Chelsea (12) USA

"Christmas to me: Is time that I'm able to spend with family and friends catching up on times that we weren't able to have. And since I live in Japan it doesn't mean as much any more because I'm not able to be with the rest of my family.....but I still love it, not just for getting presents but still being able to be with what family I have."...Brooke (13) Japan

"Christmas means to me that you should remember the birth of Jesus. It is also to give, share and to care for those who don't have a home or an apartment to celebrate Christmas."....Jennifer (9) California

"Christmas means sharing and to have fun with your family. The most important is spending time with family."....Angela (8) IL

Awwww, nagtampo si Jesus :(

At ito ang pinakamalupit sa lahat haha. Hindi ka na nga binigyan, pagmumultahin ka pa =))

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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