Boredome Meets Butterflies
Sunday, January 10, 2010 • 3:21 AM • 0 comments

Departmental is now over. I took it a while ago and it really drained everything. And again, I am afraid. I applied effort and everything when I'm having a review last night. And to tell you honestly, I don't have any assurance on that thing. That's why I hate it. That's why I hate myself for having this feeling. I don't want to know the results. Oh well, I promised to myself that I will actively take part on recitations now. Even though I will be taking SQE (oh my Holy Jesus Christ!), I seriously want to level up my first semester grades just to prove a little something hahaha :D

And yesterday, I encountered something that measured my faith and principle. And to simply cut the conflict (which is not true), I am not angry at all. I know how to respect other people's opinions. I am immune to old bitchy things -crap! I am not angry but I felt bad about it. I have a feeling that I am a super bitch and I really need to die just to do a little favor for this world. I am afraid that people don't really like my attitude. Do they really want me to change? Is it me or their narrow minded minds?

I will turn one year older on Tuesday but I am not excited at all. I really afraid that if I will be super happy, karma will follow me soon. I don't really like depressions especially that I have enough right now. I know that everything will pay off soon but all know is that, I don't feel anything right now. Please give me some good vibes or better yet kill me now :(

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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