Happy 17th, Crazy! :)
Wednesday, January 13, 2010 • 8:27 PM • 0 comments

My birthday is my luckiest and happiest day ever! I'm expecting a very hectic sched last Tuesday but it turned out to be a happy one. I woke up with greetings from my father, mother and my twin sissy :)). Then I received a lot of text messages (thank you!). When I am on my way to school, I don't really expect much. I thought everything will be ordinary until the last minute but it just popped something sweet. My classmates greeted me and they sang a birthday song for me (well appreciated, salamat!). And the happiest part about it is that we don't have formal classes. Oh yeah!

A sweet note from my dad cause he needs to go out early for work :)

My friends and I decided to go to SM Centerpoint para magwala haha. We went to somewhere (World of Fun ba yun? I cant remember it. Seriously) And so on. In short, nag-ubos kami ng pera haha. We went back to school for our PE and just to surprised ourselves, wala pa lang PE. I will only do this once, Thank you so much Mrs. Arroyo for not being a wicked witch on my birthday. Thank you so much for your wonderful gift =)) We went back to SM centerpoint to watch a movie but we end having fun at karaoke hub. And they gave me a Mario stuff toy (we all laughed about this cause I really want Luigi and only us can get this hahaha) Then I went home at 4pm to celebrate my birthday with my family. A very fun and fulfilled 17th :)

With my Volturi Friends :)

I just want to thank everyone for giving a blast on my birthday.

Thank you Papa God for the love and blessings. I love you so much. I hope my birthday
wish will come true (according to your plan :] )

To my family-thank you so much. Thank you for appreciating my worth. I love you so much. Thank you for giving me a very fun day.
A photo taken at our home just to blow the candles.

To my Einstein Siblings-thank you so much everyone. Salamat at hindi niyo ko nakalimutan. I love you forever and ever. I miss you so much.

To Luzers-I love you so much. Reunion na! Salamat sa mga birthday greetings :P

To Volturi- you know how much I love you guys. Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for making me happy. And as what I promise, no matter what happen I will always be here.

To my grade school classmates- thank you guys! You love me this much haha. Thank for the birthday greetings.

To BSA I-11D- oh thank you guys! You are so sweet :) I love you! :D

To my Soul sister, Milrose Cruz- aaaawwww, thank you! I love you mare. I miss you :( :D

To Maga Girls-
girls! I love you so much eventhough we rarely see each other. I love you forever and beyond. I promised you if I already finished my studies I will go out with you to bum around hahaha. Thank youuu!

To my SCNet family
- salamat po! You made my day :)
I found it on the SCNet site. Thank youuu!

And to others that I unintentionally forgot to mention
, thank you so much. Now I really need a whole day to read your emails and erase a lot of text messages on my phone haha. Alam niyo naman ang kalbaryo ng walang memory card. Salamat! :)

Happy 17th, Crazy! :)

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