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Sunday, March 7, 2010 • 7:26 PM • 0 comments

March 7, 2010
Sunday, 4 :30 am
Before Final Departmental Test

Darn! I woke up late. I'm planning to wake up at 2 am to review more for my finals but my twisted fate let me woke up at 4 am. Just in time for my bathing time. What will happen now? I hope I can pass. I hope its easy- Asa pa ko! I'm the earliest in our room and I dare to study more although some of my friends told me that I shouldn't go for a review one hour before the test because it can mess up my mind. I am currently taking the risk....

March 7, 2010

Sunday, 8:00 am
Final Departmental Test

This is shxt! I always feel butterflies in my stomach whenever I heard the word Departmental Test. Oh no, I am not talking about love. Lets not talk about love. This thing irritates me to the extent of my grudges. I never find this thing easy. Whenever I tell my friends that the test is kinda easy, bad luck is taking all over my body. Remember first sem? :|

I find the first part of the test easy- the theory part. The second part which is problem solving is kill-me-now-I'm-ready in Gladys' dictionary. I hope I can pass this chaos. Eventhough I dont want my course, I still want to take SQE because of my personal reasons. And I am really hoping that these personal reasons can be seen by my parents. Nowadays, parents are really hard to please. Why oh why?

I really need to improve my grade in this effin subject. I cant take any studying blues anymore- no, not this time around.

March 7, 2010
Sunday, around 1 pm
After Final Departmental Test

After departmental, I chose to stay at Andi's dorm together with Hya, Nikki and Abby to finish our Practice Set in Accounting. Non stop numbers, Non stop analysis,
NON STOP STORIES! Yeah, right. When we arrived there, we just slacked off and then we talked about people. We started late and I went home at 6 pm. I had a very fun time with them and my sore throat and colds say hola to me :|

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