Goodbye Second Sem, Hello Summer! :D
Friday, March 19, 2010 • 2:49 AM • 0 comments

Here Comes Summmmmeeeerrrr! My favorite season of the year :D I think finishing school at an early date is one of the reasons why I love college days :)

My friends and I don't have any plans on this day but we end up hanging out with each other again. At first we only want some few photos cause this might be our last time together as regular students. We might part ways after summer classes, we might transfer to other schools due to unappreciated efforts and twisted fate. No one knows. All we know is that we love each other and we want to graduate altogether and that what matters most :)

At first, I am not in the mood to attend my one last class at 10:30 am. I found my myself so lazy and lame to attend Humanities to have our final exam. That is so delay. I arrived early at our class and I really need to command my brain to work and memorize everything. And to my surprise, someone entered our room talking about tuition fee hike that I don't mind at all. And I saw all of their faces in TV Patrol and ANC. I'm so starstruck =))))))

Oh well, after class we took a lot of pictures and we decided to go home because not everyone agreed to the idea of riding a trolley. We all went on different directions. Then after 10 minutes we saw each other again at the ground floor and we decided to go home together and we rode a trolley. Super Fun! Super Hot! Super Excited! Oh how I miss adventures ;)

We rode at the left part of the trolley cause we want to see the adventure in the river haha! More like a star flier. Then we rode a jeep going to Pedro Gil then we decided to went home. Im about to go to SM Manila and I told my friends that I'll eat at Mcdo. But since there's a branch in Pedro Gil we just decided to eat there. We went first to Andi's Dorm to fetch her up. Then here goes the fun! We almost spend 2 hours having fun at Mcdo. Tons of stories and laughter. I'll surely miss them if ever I wont be lucky enough to stay.

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