Paradox of Childhood Life.
Monday, March 22, 2010 • 4:06 AM • 0 comments

Dear Santa 1 and Santa 2,
Thank you for making me happy and cry at the same time. I can still remember my childhood days. The smell was unique and everything is so perfect. Each day is filled with love. I'm sorry if you think I'm not giving back your love. I'm sorry if you think I'm a stubborn child. How I miss the days when you say that I'm too young for everything. I miss the days when I put socks every Christmas. I miss the times when I hear the music of the Christmas lights. I miss the times when we see each other and to surprise ourselves, were complete! I feel sorry that I don't feel it anymore. I always wish that I can go back to the days where nothing really matters. I'm sorry if you feel upset when I'm saying that I miss being wrapped in your love. Please don't get mad quickly if ever I forgot your commands and advices. Please don't be disappointed if ever I got low grades and labeled as a dummy. Please don't leave me if ever I'm not the kid you wish to put in your nice list. I love you forever and beyond.

Dear Teddy Bear,
Hello! I miss the times when we were together everyday. I miss the times when I know all about you. Can we just play again and lets pretend that I'm still too young for everything? Do you still remember block blocks? How about B1 an B2? How about Power Rangers? I miss them forever. But you know what whenever I see them on television, I find them so odd. What's up with the changes? Why did you change? I don't know if you really change or I just change my perspective. I just want to ask if you ever hate me if I step on you accidentally? Do you hate me if I sometimes forget about you? Well, I just want to say that I hate it when you trample over my feelings. I'm sad whenever I see you angry and its right all over my face. You're already a grown up for my mischievous things. But please do remember that like a child, I miss being innocent. Like a child, I miss considering things as accidents. Like a child, I miss being happy by doing naughty things. Like a child, I miss being understand by everyone else. Like a child, I miss being with you. I love you like no one else.

Dear Carousels,
Everyday is playtime day! Thank you for giving me happiness throughout my life. I haven't met all the painted ponies yet. Some of them I met in the earlier part of my life. Some already forgot that we had a good ride together. While some still stay with me and offer their back. I miss it whenever I say, "Do you remember when..." I find it so amazing when I remembered a certain scene in cookie land. Why is that beautiful memories cant be repeated? I think that what makes them special. I love all the painted ponies who played with me. I love the painted ponies who stayed with me. And I never hate the painted ponies who lied to me that they liked me and kicked me at my back. Ignorance truly is bliss in childhood. And no matter what happened and what will happen, I will always be here. I'm still gonna offer my unconditional love for you. I will never forget you until the day I die. But I'm giving you an early apology cause I might have Alzheimer when I reach my old age. Maybe my brain wont be working by that time but my heart can still embrace the memories you gave me. I love you all my painted ponies!

Dear Storyteller,
Thank You for being my Organizer, my Motivator, my Writer, my Director and Everything that I wish I can say. Thank You for listening whenever I tell You my childish suggestions. Thank You for inspiring me with Your words. Thank You for writing bittersweet things on the blank pages of my life. Thank You for letting me experience a very fun childhood although I miss being naive. Its very unselfish of You to love me even though I keep on hurting and disappointing You. I bet its hard for You to love all the people in the world plus the sinners who never quit to commit sins. Thank You for understanding me if I'm crazy as hell. Mr. Storyteller, I'm thankful that You are invisible cause if not, I might die because of shyness. Mr. Storyteller, please let me see Your face if ever I met You on the other side of the world. Or maybe, You can let me peek on Your face beneath the clouds if ever I cross the boundary of life and death. I love You like there's no tomorrow!

♥ Just like any childhood days, life is not always a fairyland. Too much sweets can be controlled by your parents forcing you to eat veggies. Confusion comes when you pick colors that will suit on your garden drawing. Teeth covered with cavities, curly hair, wounded knees, fat or thin figure will never make you feel ugly. Running, getting dirty, playing under the rain and being innocent- that's childhood. Childhood days will always be an enchanted place filled with prince/princess, magics, flying carpets, dragons and witches. Happiness sometimes bring loneliness. Loneliness sometimes bring happiness. And that's the Paradox of Childhood Life
. And that's how I love my Childhood life :)

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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