School Rumble!
Monday, March 1, 2010 • 7:02 PM • 0 comments

My one week vacation will be officially over tomorrow. Today is my CWTS day and I'm super lazy to get up. Tomorrow I will be taking quizzes for my majors- hassle! I still have 19 more days to go before summer break. I haven't done anything good for myself this week except watching a single DVD :|

This is bad. I hope everything will pay off. I exerted a lot of effort this semester just to prove my parents that I am really studying. I hope my professors wont be selfish this sem. I did everything that I can- I memorize the lessons, I ask for tutorials, I bought their fucking tickets that should not really be required, I go for the expensive presentations of reports just to prove that I can do better than my classmates. And I think I deserve a reward :))

Oh well, I need to go. I need to get ready for my last CWTS :">

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