Today is MOA Day! :)
Tuesday, March 16, 2010 • 8:37 PM • 0 comments

We planned this thing for a long, long time. We almost didn't make it because of some circumstances but we still made it. But the bad news is we are not complete :( But everyone deserves an equal part. So lets hang out again and be happy soon :)

March 16, 2010
9:00 am
McDonald's somewhere in EDSA

We meet at McDonalds and we were all surprise to know that we all wear pink. Everyone is so excited. We had a hard time waiting for a vehicle. We had some chitchats before we leave. And I guess everything will be okay for this day :)

March 16,2010
9:30 am
By the Bay

The mall is still close when we arrived. I don't know where to tour my friends since every establishment is still dead. I remember the bay- the very memorable bay.

The bay didn't catch any attention at first. Maybe because we are all childish at heart :)) When we felt that we're already having our tan- accidentally, we sat at the blocks to watch the bay :)

Prrrrt! Here Comes Manong Guard! So we just decided to go to the mall and have our lunch at 11 am. Super hot :))

Almost 11 am
At the overpass or bridge

Since we don't seriously like to cross the street, we use the overpass. I went to MOA hundred times but its my first time at the overpass. The view is priceless :) And as usual the cam whores are getting crazy again ;)

Around 12:30 until we drop Inside the Mall

After eating, we went window shopping! :)) We really had a fun time while trying the dresses, shoes and even makeups for free ;) I saw some good stuffs that I might buy soon especially in Candies and Maldita- far from beyond! =))

Swimsuits caught our attention. Det is super funny! She loves swimsuits- pardon me, but she really do :)

We had some chitchat with the Saleslady from Careline (cant remember exactly). We talked about course and we all approved that its hard- really, really hard :|

Our last money was invested in an Ice Cream Parlor and Hypermarket. Before going home, we went to Cd-r king to buy earphones and guess what I saw? A super chubby kid! A cutie patootie! He reminds me of Russel from UP ( the Disney movie)

We went home at 5 pm. Kate, I hope you can come with us next time. Everything will be remembered forever :)

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