Gonna Live Like We're Dying...
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 • 4:40 AM • 0 comments

SQE is finally over. Unlike any other exams that I took, this one is the biggest. I need to be flawless and fearless. Thinking about it for almost two months is really depressing. I even had nightmares that keeps on bagging me until now. I don't wanna complain and tell everyone that I'm suffering much. Karma is a bitch and I should know that.

Oh well, win or lose, I don't have any regrets. This maybe the cause of my summer sadness but hey, I did everything that I can. I sacrificed my vices, I went for review tutorials and I even convinced my friends to help me study.

My parents told me that if I'm not lucky enough to pass the examination, everything would be okay cause I have other choices. I can go to other school or even shift a course. I am lucky enough that they are so supportive and they understand what I'm going through.

I know everything will fall on their own respective places. Papa God is intelligent enough to plan my life. I'll just let Him do His thing and draw on the empty canvass of my life. Considering myself as His masterpiece, I can say that he's really a good artist. Reaching this age without any disease and good flowing life- this is already a blessing.

Few years from now, I know that I will be someone. It doesn't matter if I will be an accountant or not. Finishing my studies and doing things that I like to do in my life will be a great future for me. It makes my spirits soar when I think of this. Such a lovely idea.

I want to say thank you to my parents, friends, classmates and of course to Papa God. To my parents' undying support that I can make things possible through my own strength and prayers and their deep understanding that if I cant make it until the very end, it doesn't mean that I'm a loser. Thank you to my high school buddies who never get tired of my excuses for our reunions and wishing me luck on the examination day. Thank you Nicole for your patience and time while giving me a tutorial lesson. Thank you Andi and Kate for sharing the same dilemma with me. Thank you Det for your support and thank you for being with us until the end of the examination. Thank you BSA I-11D for your good luck messages (we can do this! fighting!). And of course, thank you so much Papa God for giving me enough knowledge, guidance and courage to continue this journey no matter what will happen :)

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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