POP..POP..POP... Where's the trademark, POP?
Friday, April 30, 2010 • 4:30 AM • 0 comments

Im currently having my 5-day break from school when I turned on to channel whatever and I saw some Korean-like groups. Blank air-- they are Filipinos! I'm super disappointed. Cant we make our own trademark?

The obvious thing ever is that we are under the spell of K-Pop invasion. I, myself, is a living example of this fad. I may not understand the lyrics but the melody is very appealing to me. I even memorize the lyrics or even translate them to English terms. Not only their music but also the beautiful faces of these idol groups are very popular in our country.

But to tell you honestly, I wont buy P-POP (Philippine Pop). Hindi dahil sa hindi ko naaappreciate ang mga OPM hits kaya lang parang hindi naman talaga siya tatak Pinoy. It seems like some of the record companies are taking their safe ride to stardom by forming groups who are good in singing and dancing. At hindi lang yun, pati ang pangalan ay parang itinulad sa mga K-Pop groups (like XLR8, very much like as 2ne1). At magkaparehas pa ang beat ng kanta ng XLR8 at Sorry, Sorry ng Super Junior.Why go for second rate? Why go for half people na hindi naman mukang Filipino? Same music, same fashion, same theme- Unoriginal. Where's the P in P-Pop?

If I were to choose, I'd rather go for Willie Revillame, Jolina Magdangal and even April Boy Regino's songs. They are quite cheesy but that's Filipino Music. That's who we are. We are warm-hearted people and we know how to express our feelings through music (literally or figuratively).

Well, I'm hoping that XLR8 and Pop Girls is just a passing fad. They should survive with their own identity. I don't have any doubt on their talent. To sing and dance at the same time is a God given grace.



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