Welcome to the Jejemon Fad!
Tuesday, April 20, 2010 • 6:08 AM • 0 comments

yo LOlZ! pwEDEng MkiPGkIlala,~ n0H?...

caN~ We~ bE FRIEnS, n0H?~ ...


When I first heard this word from my classmate, I was like- is that a new anime? (pokemon and digimon entered my mind) But to my surprise, jejemon is a member of the species Homo sapiens; a human being who HU HApPeNz 2 Type lYk tHIs. People are starting to get hysterical and some even make fun or curse these people. Its kinda disappointing.

I encountered a lot people who were classified as "jejemons" in some social networking sites and to tell you honestly, I once hated them. I don't like how they type their messages cause its really irritating in the eyes and I cant understand some of their messages. But it doesn't really reflect any of their good or bad personalities. Others should not take this personally. It doesn't mean that being different from others make them feel less as a person. I just cant believe it that even some of our fellow kababayans spend half of their lives being mean to these people. Why don't we just help them or just shut up and don't give a damn to them?

Others are pretending to be cool by being a "jejemon busters." Sheez, I think this is more pathetic. Why should you brag and give so much thought about this? Just move on and forget this fxxxing idiocracy. "Gotta kill all those jejemons" is more unrealistic that "eOw pOh, KaMuSzTaH NaH pOz?" They still have the right to live in this world. Dont think highly of yourselves. Discrimination will never make you cool and elite.

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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