Crossed Out the Yellow Idea!
Sunday, May 2, 2010 • 6:51 AM • 0 comments

One more week to go before election! Politicians keep on nagging the streets and the televisions. But for once, I'm so sick of you Noynoy Aquino. Please dont act like you've already won. I hate it when you utter the word "People Power" as if you deserve the position. My God, c'mon! It doesn't mean that if you didn't win, it will automatically mean that you have been cheated.

People Power!?! Is that how you think of democracy in our country? Right now, I am thinking that you don't really deserve the position for you are very assumptive of your triumph.

At ano ang kinagagalit niyo kay Pacquiao? Ee totoo naman. Imagine, as a senator, you only had 9 bills passed and none even passed into the law. Tapos sabi pa ng kapatid mo na hindi kasi nanalo si Pacquiao sa eleksyon di tulad mo na laging panalo sa tinatakbuhan mong posisyon. Ganon? Ee diba mas nakakahiya na paulit-ulit na nanalo pero walang nagagawa?

Nakakainis lang minsan. I mean, people are currently emotionally driven because of your mother's death but hello, ano to teleserye? Kung sino ang mukang inapi dapat siya ang bida? I think what I'm doing right now is not negative campaigning or anything. Its just people should be aware of the real thing.

People should picture out who can effectively lead this nation and its people. Huwag sana masyadong pikon ang die hard fans ni Senator Noynoy. Everyone should be entitled for their own opinion, hindi yung nanghaharass sila pag sinalungat sila.

A lot can still happen in 8 days. Wag kayong masyadong assuming. Wag kakalimutang may kalaban ka. Dont forget the silent majority. If ako ang tatanungin niyo, I will keep my vote cool and clean. Go, Gibo Teodoro!

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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