I Know What You Did This Summer!
Thursday, May 6, 2010 • 1:46 AM • 0 comments

People say that, to have an annoying suitor is a price to pay for being beautiful =)) But seriously, having suitors who don't even know the word BASTED or GIVING UP can really get into someone's core.

Nagsimula ang lahat ng bigla na lang umappear sa eksena ang isang doggie sa buhay ni Maria Andrea Remedios Parayaoan y Desepeda. Ang lalaking ito ay maaring maihalintulad sa isang nerdy tambay. Matangkad, maitim, kulot, matalino (cum laude) at payat- iyan si doggie. Sabi nila, dapat daw ay hindi husgaan sa panlabas na anyo ang isang tao lalo na kung pag-ibig ang usapan (Diyos ko po, ang corny!) Nagkataon nga lang may mga taong kinulang sa itsura at kalooban- at si Doggie ay naging biktima ng pinaghalo-halong kemikal ng kalupaan at kalangitan. Matalino siya pero bossy. Lahat ng bagay ay inuutos. Laging sumusunod kay Andi. Laging nagtetext. Pakialamero. Makulit. Nakakasawa. Nakakasuka. Nakakasakal. Walang kilig factor. Sa tuwing lalabas kami ng classroom ay nagiging horror scene ang feeling ng lahat. Tahimik ang lahat. Titingin sa isa't isa. Sabay takbo at magtatago. Leche ka! Andito ka na naman?!?!

*Ang mga ibang impormasyon ay kinakailangang icensored para sa ikabubuti ng ekonomiya ng Pilipinas.

Then one day...
May 5, 2010
10:45 am

We were dismissed early so my friends and I decided to have lunch together. Oh yeah! Taking summer classes can make you feel bored and cheated. Instead of having fun we just end up being drooled with terms and validity. So this is the right time to take our revenge =))

We went to the food stores to grab some food. I got omelet and kiwi tea. Yummy! Bon Appétit! We went to our favorite park near the Pasig River. We ate until we burst. We laugh until we cry. We talk until we get tired. We even texted Doggie that Andi will not meet him cause we will visit Paco Park (That's what you called showbiz!) When we had our time check, its already 12:10 pm! Andi needs to catch the train from Pureza to Bicutan so we all got hysterical. We all want to run but our tum tum might get hurt. So Andi was the only one to run as fast as she could. As we approached the flagpole, Andi walked fast towards us. Everyone was puzzled and we were like gesturing and moving our heads. Then she pushed us towards the side of the car to hide and she suddenly whispered, "Si Kuya... asa flagpole..." I was like, " My God, let me get the heck out of here." Nikki and I went out to check the effin guy. Nikki and I were asking each other where did that doggie go. As I turn my head to my right, POOF! He's there with his friends (abnormal looking guys) and I dont really know if he saw us or not but my God, I was like palpitating! I pulled Nikki then I shout, "Andoon siya, takbo!"

*Insert Run devil Run by SNSD here =))

Here comes trouble! We ran as fast as we could. We passed by the library and we even went through a forest-like-place-where-rape-incidents-can-happen. We ran until we reach the catwalk and we saw the train waving goodbye to us. This is crazy! We sat down in the bench with our backs approaching the catwalk. When we thought that doggie might find us, we went to the back part of the open court. We achieve peace and fun. Tiring but fun day! One of the unforgettable moments of my college life :)

Though it can be flattering to have a guy who can't get over you, it can also be annoying. Boys are really whatever! =))


Oooooppsss... May Nagtext!

- Ingat ka sa Paco (from Doggie) *Blank air. DEAD! :\

The Death Map
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