Lolo's Death Anniversary
Monday, May 31, 2010 • 2:27 AM • 0 comments

We went to Pangasinan for my Lolo's 8th death Anniversary. Now I'm a pure believer of time flies so fast- not in tick tock but in its own rate. Its been 8 years already. A lot of changes happened not only in the place but also within our clan.

I am now stuck in the good old times. The funny and awful memory as a child. Being in a big family, I mean having 7 pairs of Titos and Titas and 30 plus cousins is really a big happening. We used to play all day long, swim together, copy the teleseryes, make fun of ourselves and each other crushes, sing and dance and we even had our very own beauty contest for the gullible children (P.S we are the gullible way way back). No matter how old you are, you will be included in every game. I can still remember when I am always looking forward to another day when we are about to sleep.

But everything will turn into dust as time goes by. Some of my cousins already finished university. Some already have their own jobs and some have their own family now. My Lola cant remember all her grandchildren now.And look at me, I am now 17 years old.

Oh well, back to the main story :) I think this is the happiest celebration of Lolo's Death Anniversary. We are partially complete. As usual, everything happened according to our tradition. We had padasal and then everyone ate. We offered some food on the altar cause we barely visit our Lolo in cemetery (I actually been there twice).
After that, the grown ups went for their inuman and kwentuhan and the kids like us went to the river to swim. I felt the flash back but not with the same people anymore. I'm with my own batch of cousins and the kids are all my nephews and nieces.

The last day was spent in the farm and Daya. Just like the old times. We rode a bike. We ran after each other. We played basketball and we sang. I slept with all my wishes.

Hello Lolo! I hope you are happy wherever you are now. I know you are happy to see us achieving everything we have now. After all these years, I just want you to know that We miss You So Much :)

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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