My Momma Said Yessss! :)
Sunday, May 23, 2010 • 11:16 PM • 0 comments

The long wait is over. Its the start of Summer Vacation for me. I can finally rest and do everything that I want. Let the good times roll! Oh well, I'm currently sitting here with a more darker complexion and wider smile cause for the first time in my life, my parents agreed to my "Overnight Plan" though its in our house hahaha ;) They let me spend my first day of summer with my friends- swimming, having fun, food trip, long walk and cute photos. Oh how I love thee!

May 20, 2010

Around 2 pm

Summer Plans!

Det, Nikki, Andi and I are talking about our summer plans (of course we're secretly dying cause we are reviewing our notes in Philosophy). We considered karaoke and swimming. Karaoke is okay. Swimming is impossible cause its kinda rush and its so hard to get permitted. But after sometime, we all went for swimming! We texted Kate right away (we had a misunderstanding that week so its hard to mend everything). I told them that nothing is certain cause I'm afraid that my Mother wont permit us for an overnight plan. But then, I will try.

I went home at 6:00 pm and my mother texted for about 3 times already. I'm loosing my hope that she will permit us. I arrived at 7:30 pm and she's there, waiting for me but not mad. I told my sister about our plan and she's the one who's excited and she told it to my mother. I asked my mom if its okay if ever we will have an overnight in our house and she was like, "Sige, bahala ka. Ano bang oras dating niyo?" Oh yeeeeaaaah!

I texted my friends that my mom finally agreed to our plan. They gave all their confirmation that night including Kate's parents. Oh soooo happy :D

May 21, 2010

7 am

Finals in Philosophy


We all went to school early with big bags HAHAHA! :) At first, I am not too nervous with Philo cause I computed my grades and it goes for 3.0 even if given any chance that I will get 5.0 in my last test. Hello! to have 3.0 in a difficult summer subject is beyond acceptable hihi :P What's scary is when I saw Galorpo's face and his written exam in the blackboard. All hell might break loose if I'll stay for 4 hours. For goodness sake, it took me 3 hours to finished the test, I guess. After the test we went home right away but we passed through the grocery first to buy some stuffs.

When we arrived, lunch was already okay so we all ate at the dining. While eating, some issues were open up. Insecurity reigns again. Oh fuuuuuu! The insecure ogre is alive again. Well, after eating we went for some swimming clothes then we went to the place.

When we arrived at the TOQ's entrance, the soldiers told us that the pool is reserved for that day. We can try Army's or Navy's. Either way, its a long trip ahead. We walked around the overpass under the heat of the sun, the yuckie feeling of sweat and most of all over-indulged excitement. When we arrived at the Navy, its closed. Oh my pressure cooker! I'm super tired. So we tried, Army and finally! The water is clear. We can only see few people. Everything is so inviting. We changed our clothes then we finally dived. HELLO SUMMER!!!

We played water games. We ate a lot of food. We took a lot of photos. We also took videos to feel the moment. We went home at 6 pm with a lot of hassle. The jeepneys are becoming turtles. Its getting late. The parents are panicking as if we are in kindergarten. Oh well, everything went well actually.

Andi and Kate went home together while Nikki and Det stayed for overnight. Before the two of them went home yesterday, we watched KBS Channel the whole day hahaha!I had so much fun. and I know they also did. All the tears and frustrations became happiness. Everything paid off finally. A fun start of my Summer Vacation! See you soon friends :)

taking a break after one hour of swimming :)
Such a cute photo :)
We are about to dive :)
Oh yeeeeeaaaahhhh!
Finally, A picture with our darker complexion hahaha!

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