One more week and blammmm! :)
Wednesday, May 12, 2010 • 3:20 AM • 0 comments

One more week to go and I will be totally hip and free. I cant wait to slap Galorpo if ever I'm gonna pass his freakin subject. My friends and I are not yet sure if we will push through our overnight or we will just go for karaoke blues. I really want to experience some vacation like adventure with them since good karma is coming and Kate will undergo a surgery so she should treasure something before meeting the scalpel hahaha! :)

I may not be able to update my blog so often because I will be busy (but I'm gonna give updates on my twitter). I'll just compile the tweets on my blog drafts so it will be a lot easier for me to publish things up (blogger please be friendly!)

Oh well, I want to share to you some good news/updates I got. My hard work paid off finally. I feel luckier than the luckiest person alive. To accomplish something difficult makes me feel alive again :)

May 10, 2010
First of all, I just want to greet my friend, Stephie Cruz! Happy 18th Birthday to you my ever gorgeous friend. Whatever things you have accomplished or will accomplish in your life will make your parents proud- especially your Mom (May she rest in peace). I love you so much Stephie. I'm looking forward to the next Fashion Designer of New York :)

Please go online! :) I miss you :)
I just want to greet you with this blackmail photos! :)) The filthy youth of Stephie. You're such a cutie then, what happened? :)) Kidding! ;)

May 11, 2010
I can actually die now! Everything paid off finally :) I am just so happy cause my friends and I are incoming sophomores already. Life can really get better. I am so afraid to check on the results. My classmates are really excited and everything. I can't even talk. I'm inside the comfort room when Kate and Det told me that I actually passed. I cant believed it! I hugged Nikki and I'm crying while saying thank you to her. Thank you Papa God! You really love me so much. Patience is really a virtue :)

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