Reminiscing My Root
Friday, May 14, 2010 • 1:46 AM • 0 comments

So days ago, my groupmates and I are busy with our History Tour. We need to go to different heritage spots to portray the life of Doctor Jose Rizal. Well, it is so cool to visit and bum around the South. If you're going to ask me, there is only one thing that I can assure you, this is much more like of a field trip.

We went to Fort Santiago where we experienced a 50php entrance fee for going around the walled city. Now I know why not all Filipinos are having fun when visiting our very own places. Its because even legacies are business as usual *sigh*. But the funny side of this is that we will always be wanted in this place for we broke the caution sign and we let the stones fell down the hill like thing. The manongs working there saw the whole thing so we run as fast as we could.

Next stop is Paco Park. We spend almost all our time here for pictures- pictures with our faces :)) You can never see any trace of Dr. Jose Rizal in our photos at Paco Park. Grasses are Love. Thy are fierced :)

Lights and Sound is okay. We didn't enjoy that much here cause we are super tired so just sat, took some photos and fell down together :))

Rizal's Home in Calamba is beyond infinity. Its really a field trip. Imagine almost 5 hours trip and 2 hours vanity. I love his home. Very close to nature and I had the feeling of probinsyana girl again haha ;)

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