Goodbye Summer 2010!
Monday, June 14, 2010 • 7:35 PM • 0 comments

Tomorrow will be a new story, a new chapter and a new life indeed. I'm lucky enough that I'm still taking up Accountancy and still a regular student, though I once had second thoughts about continuing this course. I'm kinda sad that I will not be able to see my original classmates anymore- the people that I grew up with innocence in my freshman life. I will not be able to see some of my friends regularly for I knew that my schedule will surely fry me up.

I'm hoping that my sophomore year will be friendly. I know that I should take this academic year seriously. Another adventure will surely come my way. I'll be able to see myself cry because of stress and laugh because of random funny moments. I'm hoping that I'll be able to fulfill my promise to my parents. Last year is a mess but fun though. I had a lot of first times when I entered the University and I learned a lot from my experiences.

Even though that I'm only stepping up on the second ladder, I can say that College life touched my life in some way.

a) Patience is a virtue- very true. I learned that I should not rush things up. Everything is destined for its time- for its perfect time :)

b) Courage for weakness- I cried so many times during my freshmen year. Maybe because of stress and unappreciated effort. Sometimes we need some courage for us to accept our own weaknesses.

c) Be positive- one of the motivating thought that helped me through this challenge. Its always good to hear positive thoughts when you're down with so much trouble.

d) Trust yourself and GOD- I learned that everything is up to God. We should do our best and trust in our capabilities and to GOD. At the end of the day, God will still provide us something that we deserve, something that will make my life worthy and big enough for us :)

Goodbye Summer 2010, Hello Sophomore Year!

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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