Can we pretend that airplanes in night sky like shooting stars?
Tuesday, July 20, 2010 • 1:28 AM • 0 comments

Although I have a tough job today, I'm still thankful that Papa God still show his protection to me a while ago.

I'm walking on the overpass and I'm about to take the downward stairs when I heard a sound of zipper being open. When I turned around, I saw a woman wearing a big jacket behind me. She looked at me and she said, "Sorry, natabig lang." Then she smiled and walked faster, leaving me behind. Im kinda puzzled so I checked my bag. To my surprise, the small pocket is already opened and I cant find my coin purse. I'm nervous and startled. When I started to think, I looked at the woman and then I saw my red coin purse dangling in her jacket. I'm about to leave it behind but the thing is- THE HOUSE KEY IS INSIDE THE COIN PURSE. So without any hesitation, I asked the woman to give the house key to me.

ME: Miss, excuse me po. Yung coin purse ko po (pointing at her jacket)

WOMAN: Ano? Wala sa akin.
ME: Miss, kahit yung susi lang po. Sa inyo na po yung pera kung gusto niyo.
WOMAN: (she gave the coin purse) Eto na, wag ka na lang maingay. (Then I ran cause I'm afraid that she's with some goons)

THANK YOU PAPA GOD! I feel so loved by Him. I think its his way to bring me back to my senses cause I'm not focusing on the present things :)

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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