College Week!
Monday, July 19, 2010 • 12:30 AM • 0 comments

How much fun did I get? If you're following me at Twitter, you might get annoyed on how I stabbed the keys by saying "Please come faster College Week!", " Fast Forward To College Week", "I'm excited for College Week", or simply "College Week." I hope these messages were not included in your two weeks dilemma. Sorry about that :D

And finally, I'm under the hypnotism of 18th Accountancy Week- its my year 2 by the way :) Today is a fairytale. But some things suck big time time!

1) Call Time- All the Accounting Students should be at the Oval at exactly 7 pm. I arrived earlier and the parade started at 9:00 am. My Goodness! Filipino Time Again :|

2) Heat of the Sun- This is not new, right? But hey, we shouldn't end up with this if we follow the schedule. Too many VIPs.

3) The Costumes- This thing made all of our heads hurt. The baduy costume of "The Incredibles." There's a lot of cartoons and animes in the universe, so why did our Team Leader came up with this loser thing? The concept is new but take into consideration the people who wore this funny and humiliating costume. :|

Oh well, though I had these boooos, I'm still happy that I got a chance to have fun with my friends. After the parade, we went to SM Centerpoint to watch CINCO. They mad me so happy by simply watching the movie with m although they are also afraid. Sam made me proud again when I see his funny acting skills improved and also his body HAHAHAHA!

Official Opening of 18th Accountancy Week. Umbrellas covered the balloons :D
The bright sky with rainbow colors of balloons.Our balloons with some wishes and love notes hahaha :PTEAM INCREDIBLES!At the hypermarket to buy some foods :)
Vanity Fair :))Inside the Cinema! :POne of the few survivors of the deleted photos when we were inside the cinema :|
After 4 hours at the cinema :)) Loads of fun :)

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