It feels more like JULY!
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July 6, 2010
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Reporting in IT

Don't we look awesome here? HAHA! My mom told me that we look formal here and I even forgot that I have little insanity hidden. We had our report in IT class and we are required to be in a corporate attire. Summer meltdown with our blazers on and high waisted skirts. The fashion show! :)) Everything is okay but look at the second picture. Epic, right? HAHA! :P

July 8, 2010
Tests in ACCO, Finance & Tech. Writing

7:30 am - 1:30 pm (HELP)

I'm not in the mood to study the night before my exams. I feel so deprived of sleep. I worked on some exercises for my Accounting and then scan my notes in Finance and Technical Writing but I think its not well enough for me to answer all the questions in atleast accurate way.

My two examinations were cancelled due to brownout and xerox paper jam. Eeeer, whatever atleast I took only one examination. And I'm kinda sure that it will be a failure. I tried my best to answer the unrealistic problems but its really hard. Sabaw :(

July 10, 2010
Happy Birthday Casey!
Happy Birthday Kuya Mike!
Family Love! Happy birthday to my first niece, Casey Anne. Now I feel that I'm too old cause you're already 11 years old. Oh God, this is unbelievable in my part. My first niece will be a teenager soon enough before I know. Happy Birthday also to my cousin slash Kuya Michael. HAHA!

July 12, 2010
Tests in Finance and Tech. Writing (The Comeback)
9:00 am - 1:30 pm

As usual, I just scan my notes cause I'm really sleepy and I came from a slack off moment. I'm still not in the mood to study and I just try my luck by memorizing some of the important parts. The papers were checked after we took the exam. I got 100 in Finance and 47 out of 65 in Technical Writing. Hmmmm, not bad at all :)
July 13-14 2010 Test in ECON and Overnight at Nikki's House Tuesday Morning till Wednesday Night

Oh, not you again! Examination burden again in Economics. The test is hard- objective and subjective, name it! We also need to rehearse our dance recital for our PE Class with the not so cute dance steps from our social dance. Gee, how long will I look baduy in my entire college life?

After class, we went to Pasig for our dance practice then we had an overnight at Nikki's house. I didn't sleep, I can't sleep probably. I won't tell you why. But that will remain in me forever. Wednesday is shit! No classes due to typhoon. We also had this thought last night because the wind is blowing hard with clashes of roofs as if trying to make an effect. And surprise, flood again! I spent my afternoon at Andi's dorm while doing our Accounting stuffs while Detdet is sleeping like a panda. Joke! :)) My mom also told me that I'm always out when there is a typhoon, remember Ondoy? Haha! Serendipity :)
July 17, 2010 Happy Birthday Andrei! Proud Tita/Ninang again :)

My baby Andrei! I'm just so proud that I'm not old enough to see this little angel growing up. My nephews and nieces are as precious and cute as ever. I hope they can grow freely and happy. Happy birthday Andrei :)

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