My Recent September Scars
Sunday, September 19, 2010 • 6:55 AM • 0 comments

I've been sick for these past 3 days. I missed school last Thursday and Friday. And I also missed Joan's debut party. Oh, I really hate being sick. At first, I thought I have dengue but when my mom got the results of the tests, I got a positive mark on UTI and no dengue at all. Thank God :)

Oh well, I tried my best not to get sick or to recover faster. Its just so hard staying at home when all I can think is that I'm missing a lot of activities and fun. My back is super painful and there is always a time when I feel okay then suddenly I'll feel cold again. And this is so awful. It ruined all my plans. I cant even remember the last time when I got sick- as in super sick.

I am just really hoping that I can go to school tomorrow. I super bored here inside the house. The good news is that,I got a new godson and I made a short blog draft using my free time :)

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