October Great Happenings!
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October 2, 2010
Andi's 18th Birthday
Sta. Mesa ; Legarda

The Ate of the group is now legal! :)) Happy Birthday Andi! This day is such an unexpected celebration. Besides from the idea of final exam the next day, we had a misunderstanding the last time so I even thought that its really impossible for a "happy" birthday. But God has a better plan. The Volturi and Sisters' Company's surprise didn't all go to waste. When she hugged and say sorry to all of us, my bitterness from head to toe just melt down haha! Well, I guess that's friendship :)

October 5, 2010
First Movie Date
SM Centerpoint

Volturi and Sisters' Company First Movie Date! Oh yeeahhh! Our most awaited date ever :) We planned it long time ago, we just let the finals finished. Dayuuummm! I had a lot of fun, its just our photos suck because we are all in uniform. I tried to dashed up myself by wearing heels but I guess it does not worked this time haha.

October 10, 2010
Run for Ilog Pasig
SM Mall of Asia

We were not really into this tiring event- OUR UNIVERSITY DOES! Oh well, the good things about it is that I spent my weekends with my friends at our house. We watched DVDs, we ate a lot, we shouted for Princess Hours and we had lot of stories. Two days is not really enough.

When we arrived at Mall of Asia at a very early hour, we felt hassle times. Darn! The organization of the event is not good and we all felt tired and the bracelets- Oh God!

October 15, 2010
Last Day of Classes; Movie Date (again!)
SM Manila

Its the last day of classes and I only had a Bio Class (Finals). We all out right after the examination. Its almost 3 pm and we are rushing to catch the 4:30 premiere of the movie. We all went broke and I only have few photos. But then, the fun is never enough when we are with each other. This semester is Epic!

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