Understanding the Facts of Friendship
Friday, October 1, 2010 • 7:33 PM • 0 comments

Yesterday, me and my friends had some misunderstandings again. I don't wanna talk about the reasons anymore for I only feel tired. All I know is that even though I am not totally involved in the said misunderstanding, I am still a part of this situation. My friends knew what my stands are. They knew what would I say if they ask me my opinion. But I don't take either of their side. I'm just explaining my thoughts and nothing more than that.

Oh Lord! I really dont know what to do. We are always stuck in the middle as if we should take all the blame. As if its all our fault. As if we are bound to be her merciless enemy. I just can't get the logic, the fact, the reason.

Let me get this straight. All I know is that I have all the understanding that I can give to my friends. I know them well enough to understand their feelings. But feelings are not always the fact. Sometimes we need to forget our feelings just to find our true self that can internalize everything. It is difficult to discover the truth of matter through feelings. A friend who possesses a great "suyo factor" can turn and twist our feelings and can finally hide his/her fault.

I'm bound to lose my patience. I know I should be more understanding, oh I should be. But please, I am only a human. I have a limitations. Its not that all the time I can understand you. Please don't get mad if we are not on your side. We are not doing this to hurt you. We are doing this because we love you- we want you learn that we will not give you up no matter what. Please dont take take this as a twisted idea. Please.

F...Fr...Fri...Frie...Frien...Friend...Friends... No matter what you do or say, we will always be friends :)

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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