The Best Part Before Holiday :)
Wednesday, December 8, 2010 • 6:06 AM • 0 comments

This semester is actually more enjoyable than the last semester though Im preoccupied with lots of school works. I actually have the time to go around Manila and enjoy the few more weeks of 2010 with my friends.

November 30, 2010

Star City; Love Radio Station

A planned getaway right after Spanish Class. Though the original plan is not completely turned a reality, well atleast we had this thing in between November and December- which by all means that Star City will not be overpopulated :)

And Im proud to say that I already overcome my fear of rides =)) I had 2 rides in Star Flyer, 3 rides in Cyclone Loop, 3 times in Surf Dance and one enjoyable pass per ride! :) Hya's 18th Birthday
December 3, 2010
Sta. Mesa Manila

And finally, one of my favorite seatmate and friend, Hyacinth turned 18! One by one we starting to reach the legal age. And before we know, we are already old enough to get married :P Just a simple surprise celebration.

Its kinda hard to keep a secret like this especially if we are already involved into something like this.
Well, everything is pretty fine and I hope Hya had a great time with us cause we really did :)

TGIS & Millie G. Adventure 101!
Kim n' Chi, Robinson's Ermita
December 7, 2010

We tried our best to taste almost all the Korean Foods that were available in the Philippines. Every dish is love except kimchi. I cant explain the taste (spicy slash spoiled slash im-feeling-sick). But it's delicious with bibimbap :)

We almost spent 1 hour + eating then we roamed around after. This is the best day to feel free :)

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