Christmas 2010!
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Christmas is always a big celebration for us. First because its Jesus' Day and second is that we have a chance to be complete and reunite with each other. Actually this 2010, I thought our Christmas will be a boring one cause some of my cousins cant make it to Pangasinan due to their work. I thought it should be a little special cause our Tita Dodie got home from Hong Kong.

But as what I always say, something good happens when you least expect it. And boom! It did. We went to the terminal at exactly 5:30 so that we can arrive by atleast 10 am. But as always, traffic made our trip effing. When we went to Bayan, we accidentally bumped into my cousins who also just arrived hahaha! We went to barrio together in one van plus lots of pasalubong. Super siksik =))

When we arrived there, its kinda quiet. Maybe because my relatives are having lunch or afternoon naps. Then we all prepared our lunch and loots for our very own Christmas Party. My cousins made something special for this year cause we always end up having a unfulfilled day.

December 24, 2010


We decided to swim near the bridge again but my Tita Dodie insisted to accompany her first to her friend to get her baggage. So we just swam at around 5 pm. We also hunt for videoke but it turned out that all of them are already gone for the holiday.

We are all stucked in front of the television. The elders are cooking while all of us are eating our boredom as we watch Noah, Mara Clara and Imortal. We should atleast stay until Perfect Match but here comes the real deal :))

Our Party just started! Ohhhhh... happiest moment ever. Even our Lola woke up just to celebrate with us despite the cold weather. We played lots of games, mostly the games that we used to play when we were still young. And now we are passing it to the youngsters =)) How nostalgic.... How calm...

December 25, 2010

We woke up at 9am :)) We intentionally slept at the oldest house cause the elders are saying that they wont fit in if we, the young ones are sleeping with them. So we took the liberty to sleep anywhere :)) Then we decided to swim again but this decision lead us to somewhere. One of my Tita told us that we should not go without any adult's consent cause 2 weeks ago someone drowned in the river. We all knew that it happened due to lack of skills and caution. So we just convinced our two cousins to come with us.

We were having a great time playing. Then we had a train-like game in which we were all lined up and will walk in the water. I knew that almost all of my cousins know how to swim but my cousin Liezel and I dont. But my cousin, Liezel told us that she can so I braced myself up in the middle of my cousin Mariel and Liezel. We were so happy when my cousin Mariel slide down then I followed then the scenario goes on. Mariel pulled me up but Liezel is pulling me down. When I was down, I saw Liezel trying to swim up and she's holding me down. I heard someone said, "Buhbye." Then it goes. My cousins pulled us up. Little did I know, we are already saved. Thank God! We are still alive. If not, then this could be my last holiday.

Pinoy Henyo :))


Partially Complete :)

Sunset Walk! :)

A photo taken before the drowning incident ;)

This is Cute :>

At Tita Tess' House

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