A New Beginning :)
Saturday, January 1, 2011 • 9:29 PM • 0 comments

2010 just ended. And sure I have lots of fun. I had a great time with my friends, family and relatives. I had accomplished a lot for my studies. I discovered myself a little more and let my inner self grew. Im really hoping that 2011 will be friendlier.

I have lots of things to discover. Some may surprised me and some are already planned. This 2011, I can finally see the real path of my University Years. After waiting for 2 years, I can now decide if I can continue my course or to finally shift to something I want. Im loving my course now, but sometimes there are things in life that we cant hold on and foretell its future.

Im looking forward to maturity this year. Not because the year is arbitrary to my 18th year on Earth. Its just since Im getting older, I wanna decide something for myself - something that is not influence by my friends or family. I wanna be responsible for my own decisions. I think 17 years is now enough for being dependent to others.

But first of all, I just wanna thank all the people who became a part of my 2010. Thank you very much for your understanding and love. Im sure that our memories together will be treasured forever. I also wanna say sorry to those people that I hurt. Im sorry for the harsh words that I said. Im sorry for the things I did and for those that I cant do.

And lastly, I wont make any New Year's Resolutions :)) Its kinda ridiculous for me to make one that Im sure I cant accomplish. So may we all live a Happy 2011. God Bless Us all :)

P.S I got a new banner for the new year. It is composed of photos that are full of memories :)

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