Thousand Miles :)
Saturday, January 15, 2011 • 10:43 PM • 0 comments

This week I celebrated my 2-days-18th-birthday. A simple yet an extraordinary event in life. And for the first time, I feel so special. I never thought that I would be given a chance to celebrate my special day with the people that I love.

Since my birthday falls on Wednesday (which happens to be my free day), my friends and I decided to celebrate it on Tuesday - double celebration, for Det's 18th falls on Monday. I never suspected for something more cause Last December I saw some notes on Kate's Accounting book and my friends are loudly stating that our plan is just like that.
A photo taken while waiting for Spanish Class
We just blew the candles :))

Then Last Tuesday, I know that my friends are up to something because all of them are not in the room- even if I die, it wont happen :)) Detdet told me that she saw them doing something on the benches (Im laughing really hard cause our secret plans never fail to leaked). And because of that my friends are forced to give their surprise earlier than they planned. I got a pink scrapbook and other gifts. The scrapbook is the best! I feel so love while reading the messages from my classmates, friends and even my family :)

At the KTV :)
Complete!Their Gift for me :)

We waited for Spanish Class to end then we went to Centerpoint. We ate at Shakeys with lots of laughter and to top it all they surprised us with cakes. Then we went to the KTV for our singing session. I feel so Jejemon while singing rap songs and 90's songs :)) We all went home at 6:30 pm. I had lots of fun with my friends who never fail to make me smile :)

While Waiting :D

Exactly 12 midnight of January 12

So on my actual birthday- January 12, Wednesday, my mother greeted me and my twin sister with morning kisses. She will be going to Valenzuela but she will arrive earlier than her usual time. My father also greeted us when he arrived. I knew that nothing special will happen cause my mother and us had a deal and we chose netbook :)) Such a sucker. Im up for a techie birthday :) The the fun started at nearly 6:30 pm when we all planned to have a picture taking haha. I got new photos with my parents again. Then my nieces and nephew came to celebrate with us. Such a happy day. I feel so loved by the people who love me back.

Family Photo without Glazelle :))

My idiot sister didn't get a shot while Im blowing the candles :|:))

A photo with our mother

I wanna take this opportunity to thank my parents for all that they have done for me not only for my special day but all over the years that I stayed with them. Thank you to TGIS (Volturi and Sisters' Company) for giving me a celebration that I will never forget. To my friends and classmates who wrote their messages on the scrapbook that you gave me, thank you. Thanks to those people that I met and never met who greeted me with all their effort on my facebook, twitter, phone, etc. And ofcourse, thank You Papa God! You granted one of my obvious wishes. Now no matter what happen, Im ready to accept Your future plan regarding my wish.

With my Pamangkins ;)
Cute Photo! :D
A photo with our father

I hope we are as healthy and happy as we are today. A huge thank you to all of you :)

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