The Ballad of Friendship
Saturday, February 12, 2011 • 1:22 AM • 0 comments

Here we are again, listening to the same melody, singing the same lyrics but having the chorus in different tempos. My friends and I are trapped again with some misunderstandings- a bigger one. A problem that can change everything if we will allow it. Im anxious but Im still keeping my hopes up. Im still keeping my spirit high. And most of all I still believe in my friends.

Everyone knows that my friends are very important to me. My College life will never be colorful and happy without them. Because of my friends, I realize my worth as a person. I realize my dreams and the things that can make me happy. I experience silly things that will be kept as a memory forever. I was loved and needed in a way that I want. I realized that I am still atleast important. They are always there to root for me. They treat me without jealousy in their hearts and most of all they stand by me in every battle and act as my supporting system whenever I feel like giving up.

I am aware that I cant always tell my parents all my problems. And my friends are always there to listen- they are the source of my brave heart whenever everything is falling apart. I realized that I am not living for myself anymore. I may not be smart but my friends give me all the courage to go on with my life.

But I'm afraid that I failed my friends- I failed being a friend to them. I thought everything is okay for we feel the warmth and happiness when we are together. But I became dishonest to my friends about my feelings. I tried very hard to cover up all the things that I can see --- I shut my eyes and lips in order to tolerate the things that I can observe. I thought I can protect our friendship from falling by doing this. I thought I can protect my friends. But it only made the matter worst.

And here we are- torn and hurt. I know that I already saw some of the problems but I was petrified to tell the truth cause I might hurt her. I know that we should have tried to discuss and solve it at an early time but we chose silence, thinking it was the best. We let the misunderstanding grow upon us. We hide our emotions and never ask for some possible reasons as to why she's doing it - intentionally or not. We almost blame her for everything and we forgot about her feelings.

I hope everything will be back to normal soon. Im actually missing the old "US." Im actually missing all of our laughter, get- togethers, foolish acts, and dramas. But take all the time you need to heal the all the wounds that we caused you. Take all the space that you need. I apologize for all the things that I've done that hurt you. I know that we should be by your side to support and cheer you up. But please do remember that we will always be here.

I will keep this hope in my heart that sooner or later, you will come back again. And all these things will soon be vanish. And as we go on, I still believe that we will sing this song in harmony. God knows who we misses :)

"Please let me hear your voice again, Im praying that its not too late :) "

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

Im beyond your peripheral vision and aiming for art school.Im a provinciana girl at heart. I do think too much and contradicts myself most of the time.The internet doesn't speak for itself. There's more than meets the eye.