The Best Feeling I've Been Dreaming of :)
Saturday, February 26, 2011 • 6:53 AM • 0 comments

The Best Feeling I've been dreaming of is falling in love hahaha! Yeah, its cliche and cheesy but I developed this kind of feeling (again hahaha) just this week after watching First Love(Crazy Little Thing Called Love). I find this movie very realistic and innocent at the same time. The movie plot is simple- a bug face girl (not so pretty) fell inlove with a very handsome boy, then the story goes on with the girl's effort and the boy's hidden feelings that draw love and heartaches at the same time. The hidden excerpts will surely balled your eyes out T.T

The story is very high school so Im sure everyone can relate with this lollipop love story. My high school memories really do flashed back and it reminded me how fragile and martyr a young heart is. Oohh, though Im tying hard not to remember my not-so-normal-one-sided-love-story, I cant help but laugh about the foolish things that I made for someone who cant see it :))

Some of the scenario that are mentioned and acted are:
1) Walk past just to see his face
Well, this scenario didn't happen to me :)) Cause as you all knew, my crush (or lets consider this as first love haha) is a celebrity. So yeah, basically, I just tried my hardest to follow him and attend his every gig. But since Im just a sophomore at that time, parent's permission is a must, so I didn't have the chance to do it with freedom :D

2) Keep his things as souvenir
What I got as a souvenir are his autographs and photos. Mind you, autographs and personal photos are too hard to get at that time. But too bad, in my four years of craziness, I didn't have any photo with him.

3) Call him just to hear his voice
And its vice versa! At first, its only on ym then cellphone then landline. I told my mom, sister and my friends that we really talked to each other through ym and phone, he even called me once on landline but no one believed me. But I swear, it really happened! I do have some of the print screens of our conversation in ym (cause Im using ym for web at that time so copies of conversation are possible)

4) Do everything to be beautiful
Been there, done that :) When I was a HS freshman, my teeth are not beautiful enough to produce a good smile. So even though Im afraid of the dentist, I tried my hardest not to fear getting dental braces that can straighten up my teeth. And guess what, my braces are still in tucked! :))

5) Or maybe to face him directly
Okay so this is the crucial and I never done this :)) Cause hello, yeah he is a celebrity and Im just a wide eyed girl who's shouting his name. And from the very first, I know that its impossible hahaha.

This movie also talks about the gradual evolution of heart and human- how it fell in love, how love serves as an inspiration and motivation, how someone learn to sacrifice for a friend, how two people who love each other broke their hearts up, how young hearts mend, and how people take all the long time patience to finally confess their true feelings.

In this movie, you can also see that there are a lot of people who will come into our life that will help us to be a better person- intentionally or not. There are happenings in our life that we cannot see but can still affect us in one way or another. And lastly we can do everything as long as we keep our faith to someone or something that we aim for. The supporting casts are also great and funny. The story that is based on the true story of everyone- First Love (Crazy Little Thing Called Love) :)

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