See You Soon, AJ :)
Tuesday, April 19, 2011 • 10:16 PM • 0 comments

This last Saturday (Apr 17 2011), a shocking news conquer almost all the social networking sites- it is about the death of a young actor, AJ Perez. My sister who happens to be online on twitter told me that, some of the celebrities are posting their own condolences upon the death of AJ. I quickly switched on the television thinking that the news is just a hoax (its quite normal today).

News on the internet :(

The news is very sad and the tragedy is very cruel. Though Im not a super fan, I still feel something in my heart that made me sad. Just like the others, Im in the state of denial. As a Filipina teenager, I also grew up in the environment where the tweenies and teenagers usually watch teen oriented show (most probably during weekend broadcast) and luckily AJ is always part of these shows. I remember him as a good looking guy with a good acting skills. Though there are lots of teenagers in the field of television at that time he still managed to arise above them all- maybe that's what you called charisma and talent ;)

Today he is now consider as one of the fast rising stars due to his dedication and talent. He's almost there when the accident took him away. Its quite devastating to see all his possibilities and potentials as an actor suddenly fly.

A photo I took during their mall show at Metropoint Mall, Pasay City (March 2009)

And to tell you honestly, because of AJ's sudden death, I became aware of life and my limited time as a human. I remember the quote, "We're only passers by, not staying long. This is not our true & permanent home."

So today, I pray to God to help his family, friends, fans and all those people who love AJ to cope up and to accept AJ's death and God's reasons wholeheartedly. No one knows how long it may take to heal their hearts. No words can explain how deep their pains are. But I know that this young man will help his love ones to accept little by little all the things that happened. And lastly I pray to you, Papa God to please help AJ's soul in heaven. I know that he is in good hands and of course he is happy to finally meet You :)

Antonello Joseph "AJ" Sarte Perez
February 17 1993 - April 17 2011
I will always remember you with sweet smile and lively personality that you always give to your fans. I know that seeing and meeting Papa God is the greatest moment ever. I hope to see you in next life :)

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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