Three Letters and Im done :)
Thursday, April 28, 2011 • 5:31 AM • 0 comments

I never thought that the letters S,Q and E will determine my life. I never thought that these letters will give laughter, tears and most of all approval. I never felt so triggered and determined all my life. I never do something that I really, really want. But this time around, I felt something in my system, something in my heart that's saying that I want to do this.

So last April 15 I took my very last SQE in my entire university life. I read all the books and reviewers that I have and studied with my friends. Its not easy to study all the lessons the I took throughout the year and the questions that will appear in the examination will surely make my nose bleed.

I do have 3 examinations - Accounting, Computer and Law. Accounting is crucial.Some of the theories are in the reviewers but the problems are anjansjnjd! :( Computer is the easiest because they only repeated the exam last year. And Im lucky enough to memorize the whole reviewer. Law is the hardest. Darn! I cant help but be angry and resentful while I took the test and remember someone that should be taking the same examination with us.

And the results just came out. My phone is flooded with text messages saying that the results already came out. Its just like that for about two hours before my classmates texted the names of the passers. My highschool friend, Abbie texted me first then I call her to confirm the results. When the names are already texted, my phone literally hanged because of those text messages haha!

Some of the text messages I received :)

But after all, I cant be happy for myself. Yes, I do pass but still I cant be with my complete friends anymore. Thinking about it makes me feel sad. I think about myself too much that I dont even pay attention to my friends' fates. I still pray to God that eventhough we will not be together for the remaining 2 years, atleast make us happy until the end of summer class.

After all, Papa God, I just want you to know Im truly thankful for all the blessings, guidance and protection that You're giving me. You know very well that Im kinda hesitant with this decision. But You know how to get Your plans done. And now I surrender everything to You. Whatever comes in my way, I know that You will help me overcome them :) I also want to thank my family who never get tired supporting me eventhough Im the one who's already giving up. I wanna say thank you to my friends, classmates and to everyone who help me reached this stage. I may not mention all of your names but Im really really thankful to all of you :)

Its finally confirmed! Too bad, I didn't had the chance to take a photo of the exact list posted on the bulletin board.

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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