Just Unexpected
Friday, June 3, 2011 • 5:39 PM • 0 comments

Hello! Its been so long since I last posted an entry on my blog. Its just Im at home the whole time, watching DVDs, going around, downloading songs and movies, slacking off the whole day until I fall asleep, and yeah Im too lazy to socialize - so basically, there is no interesting things to blog about. This is my longest summer vacation since I entered college. And when things run smoothly and I started to accept them, something unexpected happens :)

I just came back from my unexpected summer vacation at Paoay, Ilocos Norte :) Its unexpected in way that I previously turned down my planned Ilocos trip due to a change of schedule courtesy of my beloved family. We also ditched our Pangasinan trip so there's nothing more left to do but to curl up in a couch.

And then May 26 came. My Tito Francis called up to update us about our Lolo. Since he's not feeling well, my father decided that he will take a nigh trip on the 27th to visit our Lolo. I dont know but I suddenly said that I'll be going with him. Its been 2 years since I went to Ilocos - and its only because my Tita died. This is also my first vacation without my mother so I'm really clueless on what will happen :P When we arrived there, there's only a minimal change - particularly the house and its already finished. Its still the same Ilocos that I remember. My lolo is okay but eventhough he denied it, he's feeling weak. I know that he's not young anymore and it would be a good memory to atleast see him this year :) I had lots of fun when Im at Ilocos. I manage to depend on myself most of the time and have fun with my little cousins :)

May 28 - Saturday

~We got there at 6am just in time for breakfast. Had Ilocos Langgonisa for breakfast and empanada for snack. These foods are my favorites. They are to die for. Its only in Ilocos :)
~My other cousins/niece visited us. Playtime :)

Im with the sheeps :))
My cousin playing spongebob collapse
empanada ;)

May 29 - Sunday
~Went to the first Mall in Ilocos, the Robinsons Ilocos Norte and played with my little cousins at Tom's World while my Tita is busy at the grocery.
~Went to Malacanang of the North and Paoay Lake
*P.S I dont even know that there's no mall at Ilocos during the previous times hahaha

At the Malacanang of the North
Addicted to Tom's World :D

May 30 - Monday
~We went to a "bukid" to plant some Papaya. Funtime with Teddy (my Lolo's adorable dog)

~Saw a "salagubang" in my room hahaha and my father tied it so I can play with it :D

Salagubang :)
Playing with the cow haha :))

Abagatan :)

Teddy :D

May 31 - Tuesday
~We went to bayan and visit the famous, Paoay Church
~Visited my cousins and we ate ice cream in a dirty manner hahahaha :P

Outside Paoay Church
The Old Steps of Poay Church
Nice Photo :)

My Cousins and Niece

April 2 - Thursday
~My Last day :(
~We went to Batac for my Lolo's check up
~My first time in a provincial public market in Ilocos(as far as my memory permits)

These are the last photos from my Ilocos Trip. Though I feel so sad, I'll be coming back on December :)

This is one of my best vacation ever! I never thought that I would be happy these past 5 days. Im really a provinciana girl at heart. I love it when Im in the province. People just live a simple life like you wouldn't ask for more. I feel like my heart is at peace. Living in the city in a full speed, sometimes escaping to a far away place is best option :)

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