Terrified But Still Not Leaving
Sunday, June 19, 2011 • 3:30 AM • 0 comments

Hellooooo! :) Im back to blogging again since I have my 3 days vacation filled with home works haha. Well, atleast Im finding some time to update my blog and share some of my sentiments. I may not update every week or even months due to school works :( But I still try to keep in touch with my words whenever I feel like Im dying :P

My very first week of junior year is over. I met all of my professors, well except for my prof in FinAcc 3. All of them are demanding my whole. I actually dont know which of the subjects should I study first. My books are all thick and they will seriously break my spine. I always need to sleep late at night and wake up early in the morning to study. I finally need to gather up all my senses to survive without any "5." Since, its only our first week, the professors only had their orientations and I need to sit back and listen for atleast 6 hours everyday. I find myself so lucky during my free days.

I finally felt the change in our class. Some of the people who became a part of my happy days during the first two years of my college years are now gone. Their voices, their faces, their stories are nothing more but memories. I have new classmates and we are not that talking to each other. I find it so awkward to start a conversation with new people. Though I really want the used-to-be-us, it will not happen anymore. My friends have made their decisions and Im proud of them for keeping it.

Im really hoping that I can survive until the end. As what I said before, I am not expecting to survive without any bruise or scars but I am expecting to have atleast a little chance of survival :D Oh well, I need to go now cause I need to finish all of my assignments :)

See you all soon on my next blog entry! :)

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