This Is The Last, Make It Last!
Saturday, June 11, 2011 • 8:59 PM • 0 comments

Today is the last day of my vacation. Im still in the state of denial that tomorrow, I'll be in my junior year at the university. Time flies so fast. I still cant believe that my one month vacation is almost gone. I will miss my lazy times, my all day date with our television, my one-on-one game with plants vs zombies, my almost everyday crying/laughing moments while watching movies, my unlimited sleep and most of all my freedom.

My one month vacation seems like a therapy to me. I dont remember much all of the bad moments I once had these past few months - the situation, the issue, the people in it, they just completely disappeared. Im still thankful that even though its hard to go on, I still manage to finally say goodbye to these things.

This incoming semester, I know that everything will be maybe too hard for me. Well, I am not being negative but Im just expecting that some things may not work for me.Everything will not be the same anymore. No matter how I try to pull back time, I will never change the past. All the broken relationship, friendship, regrets, and laughter are all just part of my memories. I wont demand for any reconciliation anymore. I believe that everything will fall in their own places, if not now then maybe soon.

This sounds cliche but Junior Year, please be friendly to me. I dont know what will I encounter and how will I react with all the challenges but please give me some reasons to cheer up and never to give up. I wanna be strong cause its my only choice. In the coming months, I may find myself giggling or losing hope again. But again, I already chose this.

God, please help me. I know you have Your reason as to why Im still standing in here. I know those reasons will be enough for me to believe that I deserve what I have now. But please let me see those reasons. Clear my heart and touch my soul and please lead me to my purpose.

Dear Summer 2011,
Thanks for being with me the whole time, though I spent half of you on school. Im thankful that you're one of my best summers. Ohhhh, Im alive! :)


Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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