College Week 2011
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The very long-awaited event is finally here! I've been busy doing stuff for school while Im dying to finally have a peek of our College Week. I've been flooding my twitter with overdue excitement cause I really cant wait for this event, and one more thing, it smells vacation, privacy and a week of freedom! A week from now will be the hell week- Departmentals! So I guess this is such a treat before I found myself in dilemma again.

There's a thing that left me in astonishment and that is, I-am-a-junior-now-and-still-standing-strong-in-this-course feeling. I never saw or imagined myself in this situation. I thought last year's college week will be my last. But God is good :)

The Opening ;)

I dont find the opening too exciting unlike before, you can even add up the gloomy weather. The event is not well organized and people are all messed up in the oval. The official announcement in the flagpole is kinda disappointing, I didn't hear any exciting shout and the confections are not that too much, I actually thought that they were sand haha.

Shots during the parade ;)

After the opening, we went to SM. Well, this part is way too happier than the opening hahaha! So we went to McDo, ofcourse to eat like some dinosaurs :D Then we waited for Pervs at the K-hub where we indulged our sober selves with kpop, 90's and power belter's songs. We stayed there for almost 2 hours, I guess.

Our table is crowded with foods. Food Monsters! :))

Its still early so we decided to watch a movie. Det and I really like to watched The Ward but due to some circumstances we ended up watching a lame movie, Shark Attack. I've been shouting for a couple times in the there's-the-shark-oh-it's-just-bangus scenes :))

After watching the movie, we went to the food court. I dont know if my friends really decided to eat but we ended up eating spicy rice cakes and fish cakes at Flammable Topokki. Man, my tongue actually suffers from flame. Super spicy! Then I went home after. I went home ahead of my friends for its getting late and Im sure my mom will turn into an investigator again haha.

K-HUB Time!

I sure had a very fun day today but I still feel some gap. I wanna say sorry to my friends. Guys, I swear I had sure fire fun with you but I cant help but miss our other friends who were with us last year. I hope you understand :)

No classes this week except Wednesday and Saturday. But it's still okay. Yahooooooo! Gonna get myself rolling in my bed haha. I miss my life! :D

CREDITS: Credits to my friends to whom I steal some of the photos I posted here. Thank you guys! xxx :)

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