Sweet August
Sunday, August 28, 2011 • 6:51 PM • 0 comments

I miss my blog! Hello! :) I've been busy preparing and taking my midterm exams, that's why Im away for almost a month. And I've been having a super great and fun August. One of my best August, I guess ;)

August 7; August 10; August 14
Midterm Exams

Its an almost 2 weeks of six bloody examination. I've been praying, hoping and wishing very hard to atleast passed them all. The exams are as usual, harder than I ever imagined. Its actually hard to motivate myself to do good when I feel so tired and gloomy. I actually got the results of my 4 examinations and its actually whacked! :)) I never felt so happy every midterm exams. This is the first time that I didn't really actually cried haha.

August 15; Thursday

Movie with College Friends

Right before midterm exams, my friends and I planned for a movie day. But due to a very complicated schedule of our exams, we need to ditch the original date and planned it just after the exams.

So we watched, "Ang Babae sa Septic Tank." Its actually a very hilarious and eye wakening movie. Though its story roll on how-to-make-a-good-movie plot, the scenes that were included are true and relevant to the true story of our society. A very good movie though I badly wish for more ;)

August 20; Saturday
Alyssa's Debut

I actually tried to revoke and ditch this debut party cause Im shyyy haha. Alyssa and I were good friends way way back elementary days. And our families are good friends too but you know, time can change everything. So Im actually shocked when she invited me to her debut and her mom went to our house and ask me to be one of her 18 candles. Imagine the shock that I got haha.

When we got there, I felt like Im shrinking because Im actually super shy but when I saw my old friends, I felt okay and at peace again. I actually had a super fun night :)

August 25; Thursday

I went to Divi with my friends and got lots of cool and cheap stuffs. Will be going back again next week. I cant post lots of stories here cause nvjbnfrjbjvsn! Soon! :)

August 27; Saturday
Aleth's Debut

Been up for 4 days convincing my parents for Aleth's debut until Im permitted haha. Its a super fun night with my college friends, effin typhoon and the joke that I got when Aleth requested me to be a proxy for her 18 candles hahahaha.

And I've been rushing to go home and been paranoid the whole night while Im waiting at the jeepney to reach EDSA Saw lots of suspicious people and I've been holding tightly the scissors and fork courtesy of my good friends and I wonder if Im the one who look suspicious now. Hahahaha. My Goodness!


September will coming and Im hoping so hard that it would be good. My parents actually planned our vacation in the future and Im so excited so I need to study very hard :D I can smell Christmas! Yay :)

P.S I've already put a query box on the right side of my blog, below the tagboard. You can just simply put your queries there and it will be directed on my formspring account. You can also check the answers on the link provided on the query box :)

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