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Hello Everyone! First of all, I just wanna say sorry because I didn't update my blog these past few weeks. School became so demanding after Midterm Exams. I also wanna say thank you to those people who cares enough to leave kind messages in my tagboard , to those people who asked questions regarding my condition and also to those people who encouraged me in my other social networking sites. Thank you so much guys! I really appreciate those kindness. Please leave your names next time especially in formspring :)

So yeah, after midterm exams our professors started acting like psychos requiring us everything they can think of. From written reports up to practice set and financial statement that we just downloaded from the net. And here comes the cynical final exams. Its super hard as never expected. So right now, Im patiently waiting for my grades while packing my things up. Gonna give you some little updates about my life these past few weeks :)

September 10
Jollibee with friends

My first time in Jollibee after 3 years, I guess. I dont really like foods from Jollibee except their burger steak. But this day I found myself stuck with my friend's idea and his dad is with us so its very impolite to say no. When I entered there, its kinda uncomfortable and I can't really point out what to eat. Im clueless with their menu. But I have a fun time with my friends and I just ate spaghetti haha. Maybe you're thinking that Im picky, but no. Its just I dont really like their food :)

September 14
Goodbye Kawasaki

Im really teary eyed when I found out that our tricycle ( which we named as Kawasaki) is already sold out. It is older than us so I am seeing it everyday of 18 years. Though I already knew that it will be sold in the future cause we can't bring it in our new home, I never thought that it would be this early. And now when I look at our garage, it is so bright and empty. And its slowly taking over me that we need to leave this place soon :(

September 19
Joan's 19th Birthday

Dugo, pawis at luha ang binuhos ni Joan para lang matuloy to! HAHAHA! This was like an almost postponed party, thanks to Joan's drama ;) So the whole barkada is complete here. Kate even risk her afternoon classes just to be with us. Fun day with all the singing, laughing and eating :)

September 21
Nanay's 51st Birthday

Its my Mother's 51st bday! :) We decided to have atleast a little party with our relatives for this is her last birthday in Villamor. I went home early to help her then we waited for my sister and uncles. Had a blast though :)

P.S: Some of the dates I put up in here is not the exact date when the happenings really occurred. Those were the dates I marked in my planner :)

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