Family Reunion in Ilocos :)
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 • 6:02 PM • 0 comments

After 6 months, I got a chance to visit Ilocos again. Im so lucky haha! Unlike our other vacation, our family got a chance to be complete. The main agenda is remembering our Tita Emma's 3rd death Anniversary. Time flew so fast. Its been 3 years already. I hope all the scars are healed right now :)

These 3 photos are taken before our night trip :)

Though I've been to Ilocos a couple of times, it is the first time that almost all of us fell on the same schedule and stayed on our grandparents' house. So the whole house is a mess and full of voices. My Lola is actually the one who is "KJ" and she dont want any noisy people around cause she believes that it is embarrassing and an improper behavior; but she dropped that principle when she saw all of us kekeke~

We arrived past 6:30 am, I guessed. Our other relatives are already there and we had breakfast together. Had some conversation then my sister and I snoozed off a bit until almost lunch time.
We went to our Tito's house and had "padasal." Then we ate miki, suman, badurya and variety of things. My other cousins and I went to the church to walk and play. Had lots of photos hahaha~

A photo with my mom and my cousins ;)
With Aldrin and Wiswis
Awww, this is such a cute photo hihi ;)
Its Tita Emma's 3rd death anniversary. We had lunch with almost all of our relatives then we took photos with our grandparents- this is rare. A'la unicorn! :P I also had fun playing with my younger cousins and niece. I always feel like a child with them and they dont put much drama around haha.
We also watched Exam with my sister and my other cousin but I cant concentrate much because I'm busy playing with my niece kekeke~
When we got home, my three (3) younger cousins asked me to play badminton and I agreed. I feel like a varsity player hahaha! When my sister joined us, its chaos!I know that she can't play to save her life bwahahaha!

With our grandparents :)
Our family with my Lolo and Lola
Those silly poses :(

We actually dont know where we are going this day. But surprisingly, my cousin will participate in the foundation day program of their school. Being a stage relatives, we went there to support her hahaha~ After watching her, I played badminton with my cousins then had wacky and jump shots in front of the church :D
And suddenly, is raining hard and the wind is so strong. So chilly. So cold. That's why I love Ilocos' weather. The thing that I got wrong from my packed clothes is that I didn't bring any long shorts or pajamas. That's why Im really freezing.
Before hitting bedtime, my cousins and I watched Praybeyt Benjamin. Its super hilarious and we didn't finish it because we're already zombified.

And dalawa kong kalaro sa badminton :)

On our way home
Me so flexy hihi :)
Jump Shotttt!
My cousin in her drum and lyre attire :)
We stayed at home and played almost the whole day. I actually dont wanna leave and as much as possible I wanna stay with my grandparents and my cousins during our last day. God, I miss them so bad :(

Munisipyo at Night. This is the last photo I took at the bus on our way home :(

Right now, there's is no definite plan as when are we going to visit Ilocos again. I hope next summer! hihi xxx :)

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