Its Christmas Time!
Sunday, December 25, 2011 • 7:06 AM • 0 comments

Merry Christmas everyone! How's your Christmas and Noche Buena last night? I hope you had peace and fun with family, relatives and friends :) Leave all the hate, bitterness and heartaches away. Lets rejoice and be thankful to Jesus Christ, our Savior. Happy Birthday Jesus! :)

This year's Christmas celebration is very different from our family's annual tradition. Every Christmas, we are visiting Pangasinan and spent the whole night having a Christmas Party with my mom's relatives. But this year, we decided to celebrate it in our new home. After having our trip to Ilocos Norte, we felt so tired traveling and I guess its better to stay home in our very first Christmas here at Valenzuela.

We celebrated this season with my old maid Auntie. A year ago, her mother died. So she's all alone and I just felt sad thinking about it. So its super nice to have her celebrate with us. She's one of my closest aunt, btw. When my dad was still in Clark, she's always with us going to malls and eating in different restos :) I wish that she had so much fun celebrating with us as much as we do.

And now, I believed that I need to go back working on my school stuffs plus Midterms will be coming and I need good results. So, Merry Christmas again everyone! :)

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