The Scent of Christmas Break :)
Tuesday, December 13, 2011 • 2:55 AM • 0 comments

Unlike the past two years, me and my college best friends celebrated it with our other classmates. We tried very hard to match our schedules but time didn't permit us, that's why we didn't have our annual Christmas party. We waited so long for this laid back day. Nothing special, we just chill, had exchange gifts and had a non stop karaoke to finally conclude the year.

Almost 9 am
Arrived at 7 eleven- the place where we should meet each other. Though Im late, my friends still arrived past 10 am. Mga kabogera talaga haha!

Almost 11:30 am
BoldWe chilled at Det's dorm. We waited for them to prepare before going to SM.

Past 12
Not that hungry but they wanna eat so we just had take outs in different resto cause we're too tired of chicken.

Almost 1 pm
Det, Hya, Joan and I went around the mall. We just explore and had so much fun looking at some interesting pieces at the department store.
Almost 3pm
Det, Joan and I went to a karaoke hub because we cant actually figure out what our friends are up to. Then after 30 minutes or so, they also go for a karaoke then we had exchange gifts.

So simple yet so fun day. We've been through so much this year. After all the broken friendships and promises, heartaches, tears and failures, we are now finally saying goodbye to these sorrows and finally embracing the new level of maturity with each and everyone of us helping each other :)

Happy Holidays Guys!!!

Aleth, Me, Det and Nikki
Busy people with their gifts kekeke~
We're singing Sparks Fly in a concert way haha ;)
Wackyyyy! :P
Blurred kasi pasmado ang nakuha haha!
Them shyyy :D
Almost last photo :)

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