The 19th!
Thursday, January 12, 2012 • 5:25 AM • 0 comments

I just turned 19 today! I feel so old :( That's why I hate remembering my birthday- a slap on the face, a conclusion that I can't go back , the reality. I don't know why I am feeling too nostalgic today. I just put in mind that maybe Im sentimental about growing up because I had a happy childhood and I can't let go of these memories.

Oh well, though I feel old and lil sad, Im still happy thinking about some things and people who made me feel special :) I can't express how happy I am, by just looking at those notifications and birthday greetings that I got today. I knew that facebook do all the reminder, but still I do appreciate people who can make someone smile by just greeting a happy birthday. Its feels like they are happy that I am alive. On days like this, its too hard to be happy. Cause after all the failures and lonesome moments, there's still a day that you can smile or laugh freely. Once again, thank you so much guys ^_^v

I just spent the whole day with friends, family and foods hahaha! I also wanna spend my birthday with my high school friends but Im too shy to ask and they all look busy. Maybe soon :) I also had 3 wishes and Im not expecting that all of them will eventually happen; but if they do, I will be the happiest fangirl ever kekeke~!

Happy 19th birthday fangirl! :)

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